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Why Wouldn’t We Support The New England Marine Monument?

In an effort to revoke, opponents paint the picture that all fishermen are opposed… Well, we aren’t! Whatever your political leanings, one has to acknowledge that the Obama Administration did something extraordinary last fall. Through the Antiquities Act, it protected almost five thousand miles of an

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What the Fluke is RFA Talking About?

Either RFA is intentionally leaving out important details on summer flounder or they just don’t get it Given the kind of thing that usually comes out of the RFA (Recreational Fishing Alliance) shop in Jersey, I wasn’t exactly surprised to see their latest press release. 

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Of Menhaden, Stripers Threshers and Whales

ASMFC has a critical decision to make in May. Do they increase harvest at the first sign of improvement, having really no idea what that will mean for predators dependent on bunker, or do they take a different route and manage for the ecosystem.

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Why Deep Water Corals Matter

The Mid-Atlantic Council is considering one of the largest habitat protection actions in Atlantic history…  Anglers should be weighing in… Ever done an overnighter at the Hudson?  Or any of the Mid-Atlantic’s canyons?  If you hit it right, it’s like something from another world.  Crazy

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On Forage Fish… Managing the Unmanaged

Are large-scale fisheries for sandeels, silversides, bay anchovies etc. coming to a coast near you? Really, if you fish, at all, this is important… for a very basic reason — If there’s no bait, there’s no fishing. If you spend more than a few days

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An Open Letter to the ASMFC on Striped Bass

An empassioned plea for a species in peril ASMFC Mike Waine Fishery Management Plan Coordinator 1050 N. Highland St, Suite A-N Arlington, VA 22201 Dear Mr. Waine & ASMFC Commissioners: I own and am the primary operator of One More Cast Charters, a light-tackle guide

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On black seabass and the Wave 1 (January/February) Fishery

Why giving the charter/party fleet exclusive access during the winter doesn’t work for the rest of us Okay, so guess what: I’m not gonna write about striped bass this time around, although I suspect I’ll mention it a few times.  This week I’d like to

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Striped Bass Hearings Set

Time to be heard, but know what to say… Well, after about eight years of a painfully noticeable decline in striped bass abundance, and the slow and arduous crawl toward doing something about it, the rubber is finally beginning to hit the road here. A

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Where We are With Striped Bass

ASMFC moves ahead with an addendum to reduce fishing mortality, but getting the cuts we need will not be easy. This is, I dunno, part 10 or something in my disjointed series on the decline of the striped bass resource and what the Atlantic States

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On RFA and Managing for Abundance

Seriously? Are these guys really against abundant fish stocks? A couple of days ago someone emailed me a response to a blog post I had recently written on the development of NOAA’s Recreational Fishing Policy. If you didn’t get a chance to read my blog,

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