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ASMFC Almost Gets it Right With Striped Bass

I entered the meeting room with some trepidation. For the past year, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission had been debating the implications of the most recent benchmark assessment of the striped bass stock, and whether changes needed to be made to management measures.  And

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Maryland Spins Mediocre Striped Bass Spawn

The State of Maryland recently released its 2014 young-of-the-year index for striped bass. The index came in at 11.0, which is just a little below the long-term average of 11.7. Under normal circumstances, a young-of-the-year number that nearly reaches the long-term average is hardly worth

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On the Way to the Elephant’s Graveyard

Way back in 1883 an English scientist, Thomas Huxley,opened the first London Fisheries Exhibition with a speechin which he declared that “I believe that it may be affirmed with confidence that, in relation to our present modes of fishing, a number of the most important sea

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Bluefin Tuna Catch a Break

There’s no question that bluefin rank among my favorite gamefish.  I caught my first nearly forty years ago.  Ever since, I’ve been entranced by their size and their strength, and extremely pleased by the fact that they frequently pass through my home waters south of

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Time for Some Straight Talk on Red Snapper

There’s little question that managing red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the hot topics in fisheries circles today.  Although it probably hasn’t bumped the perennial New England cod debate out of the top slot for “most contentious issue,” it still gets

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