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Time to Show Up

Be heard in the debate to shape a national saltwater recreational fishing policy OK, OK, I did this before, but it bears repeating: Those of us who like sportfishing have been given an opportunity. So let’s not waste it. Not too long ago, I wrote

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Striped Bass YOY Index

The topic of striped bass is always hot this time of year. If you hang around the waterfront – or the chat rooms or blogs – the questions are flying. “Where are the fish? They haven’t arrived here yet.” “Is the population crashing?” “The stock

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This & That

Flounder Fight Yesterday, I was working in the yard and something caught my eye down on the dock. An osprey landed on the gantry at the end of the dock with a very large flounder in its talons. I first thought that it was one

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Little fish, Big Impact

There has been a lot of news on the fishing-related websites and blogs recently about forage fish, primarily herring and menhaden. Truthfully, a complete discussion on forage would encompass a much wider range of species, but I think that I’ll at least narrow it down

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Making Sense of Slot Limits

Finally, I am going to share my thoughts on slot limits for striped bass and on some management measures that should go along with slot limits to make sense out of that management process. My fellow blogger John McMurray thinks that slot limits concentrate the

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Really? Yeah, Really

Should there be a snook season?

I had not planned on doing a post on this subject this week. My original intent was to answer fellow blogger John McMurray’s post on slot limits for striped bass – or, in his case, not using slot limits for managing striped bass. However, I

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Political Rhetoric Again

In my last blog, I discussed the lawsuit filed against NOAA Fisheries over the Gulf of Mexico red snapper mess. I am afraid that I am a little stuck on current court decisions, cuz this week it’s another lawsuit filed in Massachusetts last May. It

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Turn Down the Heat

Just before NOAA Fisheries’ Saltwater Recreational Fishing Summit that I wrote about recently, a court in Washington, D.C., issued a verdict in the lawsuit of Guindon (a commercial fisherman) vs. Pritzker (the secretary Of Commerce). It had to do with what some perceive as NOAA

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What a Waste

Bycatch problems are readily resolvable. Managers just need to take action This past week, the nonprofit organization Oceana released a report that highlighted the ongoing resource waste in nine of what they are calling the dirtiest fisheries in the U.S. While it is hard to

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Ignored Again. Wake Up, Folks!

Once again, New England recreational fishing interests lose in the management process Some folks will think that I am into bashing the state of Massachusetts with my health warning comments last week and in this week’s blog. Last week, I felt compelled to let readers

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