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Shifting Sands

Right now as I write this introduction, the wind is whistling through the trees, a small craft warning has been posted.  Somewhere on the Cape there are waves crashing on the beach.  Most fisherman are aware of the importance of structure when it comes to

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Fishing- the Economic Stimulus Package!

How much do you spend on fishing? Or perhaps another way of looking at it, How much does fishing cost you? I know some of us keep a journal of our fishing trips, tides, lures, weather, and results, what about a journal of all your expenses to fish?

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Drying Out for the 4th?

Ok so July started off with torrential downpours.  The holiday weekend longs likes it will be promising some good shots on the water.  So what to you do with the fishing information you gather on your trips.  Do you keep a careful journal? Maybe write

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Cape Cod Fishwire is Back!

The Cape Cod report is back with Bob Parsons! Even though the weather’s been rotten, we’ve got the skinny on what’s been going on. The short version is this, there are fish out there and those that have gotten out have found them on the feed.

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