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Study Indicates Dolphin Harmed by Gulf Oil Spill

Rich DeNunzio with his 42-pound bull dolphin and the rod with the tie-wrapped spinning reel that he used to catch the fish. Photo courtesy of Steve Waters.

Four years after the Gulf oil spill, there is now evidence that dolphin were probably negatively affected. A study by scientists at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science showed up to a 37-percent decrease in overall swimming performance of Deepwater

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The Fish Anglers Love to Hate


Bonitos get a bad rap in South Florida. The hard-fighting members of the tuna tribe delight tourists but disappoint most resident anglers. The biggest reason is that while tunas are delicious to eat, bonitos are pretty much inedible, unless you are starving. I know. In

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Should Surf Fishing for sharks be banned?

Chapman's 9.5 ft. Lemon Shark

For many surf fishermen in Florida, there’s nothing more exciting than catching a big shark. For some residents of coastal cities, there’s nothing scarier. That’s why some politicians want to ban shark fishing by surf anglers. The city commission of Delray Beach is voting in

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Cheaters allowed to prosper in South Florida tournaments

tournament team

I don’t know about the rest of the coastal United States, but here in South Florida, anglers often get away with cheating in saltwater fishing tournaments. Some do it deliberately and some do it unintentionally, but rarely are there consequences. My question: Should those who

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Blackfin tuna for the win

Of all the popular gamefish caught by recreational anglers in Florida, blackfin tuna stand out. That’s because the tasty fish are an unregulated species. There are no size limits and no seasons for blackfin tunas. There is a default bag limit for blackfins and other

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Closed Season and Live Pinfish a Winning Combination for Grouper Anglers

Capt. Billy Springer, left, and Rob Grieper with a black grouper that was caught off Miami using a live pinfish for bait.

Anglers who like to catch groupers along Florida’s Atlantic coast and in the Keys have become big fans of the closed season that was instituted a few years ago. When the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission first approved a four-month closure to protect grouper

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Anchor Restrictions, Away

Photo courtesy

Spring is a busy time for anglers and boaters in Florida – and not just because the fishing is good. March through early May is when the Florida legislature is in session, and there is no telling what type of misguided, misinformed and just plain

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A lion’s share of lionfish

Red Lionfish from Sebastian Inlet, Florida

There is an opportunity along the Atlantic coast and the Florida Keys where commercial fishermen could work with recreational anglers and divers to protect the environment and provide fish markets and restaurants with a delicious commodity. I’m talking about lionfish, an invasive species from the

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Red snapper reaction and reef reporting

Courtesy of

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission did not back down in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council requesting an 11-day recreational red snapper season in federal waters for 2014. At its meeting April 16 near Tallahassee, the FWC approved a

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Gulf anglers worst red snapper fears realized

Photo courtesy

The worst fears of recreational anglers were realized on April 10 when the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council requested an 11-day red snapper season. The Council had planned on a 40-day red snapper season, from June 1-July 10, in federal waters of the Gulf.

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