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Bass @ Block

Join in the discussion here on the forums. Your input is what makes this place great. Share your experience and information on the No BS Saltwater Fishing Forum – Fishing Reports, Discussion, Experience and Knowledge Sharing. Here’s how this thread started: “Sand eels seem to be petering out, tide kind of sucked this weekend,however did have “

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Rio Tarpon Saltwater Fly Line

Perfect for tarpon and other tropical species, the Rio Tarpon Saltwater Fly Line has a long back taper for smooth, controlled casts and is slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard to load rods for quick accurate casts. The tropical AgentX coating is combined with a medium stiff core that will not wilt in the heat. Welded loops are included at both ends for easy rigging. Color: Sea Grass. Length: 100?.

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Little Speedsters Starting to Show

This week has been the warmest all year, it actually feels like the dog days of summer.  Hot weather equals two things to many Southern New England fisherman:  false albacore and bonito.  Little tuna chasers will be happy to know there have been isolated reports of bonito being caught in the region, but no solid blitzes yet.  It might be a little early to run out looking for them, but I?ll leave that to you.

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Center is heart of Lowcountry fishery

The remarkable recovery of the red drum in the Lowcountry wasn’t just luck. Biologists knew where the game fish roam, what they eat, how and when they spawn. They stocked juvenile fish in the right habitats at the right time.They learned how from research at the Waddell Mariculture Center.The center ââ?¬â? the heart of fishing along the South Carolina coast ââ?¬â? turns 25 years old this month. Already this year, its hatchery tanks and ponds have stocked 130,000 striped bass into the Ashley River to restore the trophy lake catch in the saltwater where it’s also native. An additional 40,000 juveniles are being harvested.

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is there good inland saltwater fishing in North Carolina about the last two weeks of march?

is there good inland saltwater fishing in North Carolina about the last two weeks of march? | Fishing Kahuna

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Northeast Saltwater Fly Fishing and Light Tackle Fishing Reports: Updated July 24 2009

Fishing Blog Fly Fishing Blog by Lateral Line, Saltwater, Striped Bass Fishing, Fishing Reports, Fishing Travel, Fisheries Conservation, and Fishing Journal

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All Saltwater Fishing Reports: Week of 7-22-09

Trout are fair to good on the Louisiana shoreline on topwaters and Corkies. Flounder are fair on jigs tipped with shrimp around marsh drains.

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New pier opens to much fanfare

Now that the brand spankin? new Gulf State Park Pier has opened with great fanfare, those with the opportunity to experience this modern marvel need to become familiar with the rules and regulations of the long-anticipated facility.

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South Florida fishing report

Captain Matt Hoover of Night Flight Fishing Charters out of Naples reported water temperatures have reached 92 degrees by mid-afternoon in his area so fishing early mornings has been the best bet with great surface action from small to medium sized snook taking place along the shorelines and creek and river mouths from Marco Island south to the 10,000 Islands. Live white bait has been producing most of the snook action. Quite a few small to medium sized tarpon have also been biting early in the day. Mangrove snapper, jacks and ladyfish have been thick around any downed tree along the shorelines.

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Saltwater Tips

Fishing researcher, Dan Eggertsen, answers a variety of questions concerning how you can catch saltwater fish quickly and easily.

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