South Shore

North and South rivers have been holding schoolies.  Look outside, among the rocks, etc. to find the bigger fish.

Check this out from Swashy:

Went yesterday from Duxbury. Found schools of Blues (25-30") from High Pines to GH. Strolled back into Howland’s around 11am and found 20-25" bass following a big school of commorants (sp?) around – they loved my peanut bunker fly. Unfortunatley I had to get home so my buddy dropped me off, and then ran over to Plymouth to grab gas. He ran into another school of bass. Said he landed another dozen fish in about 45 minutes on the fly – sight casting to them.

The word from Plymouth/Duxbury is a little more mixed.  I’m not hearing as much about the blitzes that were going on the past couple weeks, but I’ve just got to believe that both Brown’s Bank and the Maryanne’s are hoping right now.


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