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Beat the Drum Quickly

  “Barry, there’s a tail! And there’s another one, at about one o’clock!” Barry Kent’s demeanor changed instantly when he spotted the two broom-sized tails waving, reflecting the early morning sunlight. They were the only sign of life on a large, otherwise empty flat. “John,

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Bonito and False Albacore: The Experts Speak

Get the lowdown on Bonito and False Albacore fly fishing from the expers, Peter Alves, Capt. Leslie Smith and Don MacGillivray in this great article from Dave Peros.

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Fly Fishing Boston Harbor for Striped Bass and Bluefish

Capt. Bill Smith of the Draggin’ Fly Two takes us on a fly fishing tour of Boston Harbor showing us the ins and outs of fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish in the fabled “Hahbah…”

The secret is also out! The Harbor’s reputation as one of the Northeast’s premier striper and bluefish hot spot is spreading. While there are many ways to catch these fish, guests aboard my charter boat, Draggin’ Fly Too, prefer to stalk bass using fly rods and light tackle. The rocky outer-harbor combined with the sheltered waters of the inner harbor provide outstanding opportunities to sight cast to stripers that average 6-12 pounds but with a realistic chance of fish in excess of 30 pounds on flies and light tackle. Fishing continues to get better each year! Last August, more trophy-sized bass were caught by my clients than during the entire two previous years.

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Chasing the Silver King: Tarpon Around the Globe

Knowing key seasonal implications and likely conditions at each individual destination is an essential ingredient in planning your tarpon fishing excursion.
The kind of quarry that can make an angler daydream and grow increasingly listless when away from the water. Tarpon — the “silver king” — is just such a fish.

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Bluefin Tuna on the Fly

Bluefin tuna – the freight trains of the ocean.

Considered the consummate challenge for those venturing out with unlimited class trolling gear in battle wagons laden with fighting chairs and high definition televisions. A truly fun time…

Now think about trying that with fly gear. You heard us right, the long wand, the feather stick, whatever you choose to call it. Now we’re talking about one of the greatest challenges a fisherman can face.

Join us as Capt. Kris Jop explains the details of how to saltwater fly fishing for bluefin tuna.

If you dare…

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Tarpon Fly Selection

  At the risk of sounding simplistic, tarpon fishing is as easy as it gets. Knocking it down to basic components, you place the fly in front of a fish and keep it there until he eats or refuses it. Plus, tarpon are so predictable

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How to Fly Fish for Striped Bass in the Whitewater

It’s not for the faint of heart, this fishing, but the rewards are worth it. Picture this: you’re standing in the bow of a center console 50 feet away from the face of rocky edifice rising out of the Atlantic. Swells are rolling in from

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How to Fly Fish for Striped Bass in the Rips

  Anyone the least bit familiar with striped bass knows about the creature’s propensity for hanging out in rips. Not only do rips concentrate the bass, they also hold some of the biggest fish. To understand why stripers are attracted to rips it helps to

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Do It Yourself Fly Fishing for Bonefish in the Florida Keys

Bonefishing in the Florida Keys can be expensive. Add up the cost of a good guide ($350-400 per day), the hotel room ($50-125 per day), meals, drinks, and incidentals, and a week’s fishing can eat up a couple of month’s salary. Many folks who would like to catch bones simply can’t afford that. The solution? Go bonefishing, but find your own fish. You won’t catch as many fish as you would had you hired a guide, but you’ll find tremendous satisfaction in doing it yourself.

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How to Fly Fish for Tarpon on the Beaches of Southwest Florida

The skiff floated on a gently rolling sea. Early morning light reflected off the waves, and from the backs of the tarpon that rolled sporadically throughout the area. Barry Kent couldn’t wait for a specific target and cast blindly, hoping for the best. Suddenly he

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