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Bluefish and Hurricane Bill

Bluefish are everywhere and providing lots of action. This is a great time of year to take new fisherman out as the weather is warm and the bluefish are very accommodating. Just watch their fingers.

Unfortunately for bass fisherman, the surge in bluefish has made striper fishing more difficult. Between the warm weather and bluefish it has been tough fishing. Bonito were the top story the last two weeks, but things have been quieter than expected this past week.

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The Three Bs, Blues, Bass and Bonito

Bonito are becoming the focus for many inshore fisherman. Reports are coming in of more consistent fishing from Block Island and the south shore.

Bluefish are in abundance while stripers are still being shy during the day. The bass fishing around Block Island was hot earlier this summer, but unfortunately appears to be slowing down.

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Rumors of Bonito at BI are True!

And we have the picture to prove it. In general, not a lot has changed from last week. Blues and bass are still around with few signs of bonito. Water temperatures are still cool, so they may be a little late this year. However, don’t tell that to Dave Pollack who was fishing with Capt. Ray as he landed this nice bonito in Rhode Island.

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Little Speedsters Starting to Show

This week has been the warmest all year, it actually feels like the dog days of summer.  Hot weather equals two things to many Southern New England fisherman:  false albacore and bonito.  Little tuna chasers will be happy to know there have been isolated reports of

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Another good week of fishing

The good news is that we haven’t hit our usual July doldrums. The action at Block Island remains strong, Connecticut is still fishing well and in general, we’re seeing decent action just about everywhere.

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Sand eels and summer bluefish blitzes

I’m on vacation this week, enjoying the crystal clear waters of the St. Lawrence River.  While saltwater fishing is my clear favorite, it is good to get away and experience something a little different.  The St. Lawrence River is a world class fishery with smallmouth

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No holiday from the good fishing

Is possible we skip the summer slow down and go right into fall fishing? Will fall start with a wimper because the fall temperature drop and water cooling is less dramatic than previous years? What impact will all this have on the peanuts? Who knows, but stay tuned.

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Bad weather, good fishing

Reports were thin this week, no doubt due to the ongoing rain and wind.  However, the reports I’ve heard have been good. Just a couple of quick note about fish regulations.  Most of you are probably aware of these numbers, but it never hurts to

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High Winds and Rain – A Seaborne Country Tune…

Don’t be afraid to try something new. This past Saturday morning well before first light my friend Paul and I were out kayak fishing in the Watch Hill area.  Paul is new to night time kayak fishing and fishing in general so I was the leader for the trip. 

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Bad Weather, Still Good Results…

Weather and draggers continue to be a problem. Forecast for this weekend, cool temperatures and rain. Sound familiar?

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