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Capt. Terry Nugent at Riptide Charters sent along this great video: Here is a 3 minute video of Riptide Charters Mate Shaun Ruge showing how to get it done on Finchaser’s first tuna. Then they decided to get REALLY serious on the tuna and they

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Napatree Bluefish Blitz

No, that is not the inside of a blender. It is a bluefish blitz off Napatree Point, RI in 2007 posted to Youtube by Yratilim.   The blues are feeding on both pogie and squid.   Now is that a tease or what?

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Tarpon Ain’t Easy To Catch

Stunning visuals of Fl0rida with some nice tarpon on the flats on this video from Reel Escape Films, produced by Nick Clement. You’ll definitely love the circling daisy chain tarpon.

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Battling Blues From a Kayak in New Jersey

John LoGioco sent over a link to this video of him battling bluefish from his kayak earlier this week.  Some great shots of blues hitting.  It’s great to watch him fish, while filming at the same time from the kayak!

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Striped Bass Nails a Popper Fly

Hot video of a striped bass hitting a popper on the surface in JBay – Jose Colon, fishing with Capt. John McMurray filmed by Wayne Ferguson.

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Striper Fishing in the 1950’s

This one’s hysterical.  Back in the old days on Cuttyhunk and Montauk. From the notes provided by EdGayer: Honestly, I have no interest in fishing. I found this short film on my DVR because it was slipped in after some movie I recorded on TCM.

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Albie Whore

Capt. Amanda Switzer of sent over a great video of Reel-Timer Richard Regan tying his infamous “Albie Whore” fly. This is the fly the NY Guides have been raving about.

You’ll definitely want to tie up a few before the speedsters arrive!

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Another derivitive of Lefty Kreh’s famed deceiver.  This one is pretty sassy looking and well worth a spot in your fly box. NewFlies Network / Polaris Flies videos pays tribute to Lefty Kreh’s Deciever fly pattern was honored with the only U.S. fly pattern that

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Saltwater Fly Tying Vices – with Danny Sauvageau

Danny Sauvageau talks about saltwater fly tying vices and other saltwater fly tying tools in this great instructional video.

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Fly Tying Saltwater Flies – 90 Percenter – Bonefish shrimp crab

Another great bonefish pattern. Salt Water Fly Tying This is a friend of mine name Zino, an extremely good fly tyer, but also extremely modest. The fly is called the 90%er and is fished 

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