Bill’s gone. Bite’s good.

albieFor those of you asking the question light tackle anglers always ask at this time of year…”are the albies in?”  we got an answer Saturday morning from Capt. Brendan McCarthy of Urban Fly Guides – YES!  Right now there’s not much to tell, but expect a full rundown of the action in next weeks report.

Western Sound

Capt. Robin Caltri reports:

IMG_1349aSorry for being off air for a while but I have some fun trips to report. I hope that some of you will call for a booking since the fishing is just getting better.After getting rained out last year, author Sandy Jones managed to get his grandson Jason Herrington and researcher Lauren Richardson out on Monday August 17. We launched out of the Northpoprt Stacks and went east to find non-stop action with blues, bass and sea robins chasing bait on top. What a ball. Lauren took the pool with a beautiful striped bass. Later that day, Csicagain was populated by the Weis family. Led by Joel they had a ball with smaller blues on poppers and then Karen, Holly and Charlie wanted to try for a big bass so we work among the rocks with a variety of baits under some gorgeous real estate. No big fish but a glorious night. hosted old friend Rich Lipsit on Saturday. Eight year old grandson, Ari Gerberg began the day as a rookie but soon caught on and landed 4 blues and porgie on artificials. A couple of these were complete solos with Ari casting, retrieving the lure, feeling the strike, setting the hook and landing the fish. We had fish off Eatons and Valley Grove. WOW! Later the rest of the clan went for a nice boat ride.

Monday August 24 artist, Jim Del Grosso joined me for and exploratory off Montauk. We had lovely bass and tons of blues to 9 pounds on the fly. We found tons of bait to the west of Montauk inlet and Big blues and 27 inch bass at the point. They took clousers and half and halfs on sinking lines. I picked of Bob and Matt Reimann and Ducan and Chip Armstrong who had just finished a wedding celebration at the yacht Club. They were experienced fisherman so I wanted to give them a memorable day on Csicagain. We hit the Point to no avail and then hit the mother load at Shagwong. It was blues and bass at about a ten to one ratio on light tackle and fly gear. They threw and lost poppers, diamond jigs and bucktails. The final count was over 50 blues, seven or eight bass with three keepers and Captain Robin’s thumb. WELCOME to ‘combat fishing’!

Eastern Long Island

Capt. Andrew Derr reports:

water cropped(NOFO) We are fishing all of the regular spots for this time of the year and finding good bass action on top with enough bluefish to feed an army. The Sound is Rife with anchovies, peanuts and butters. Post hurricane fishing was good despite a bit of a swell and dangerous floatsom on Sunday and Monday. That aside, Dave Wananmaker had a solid outing with me on

Greg croppedMonday with cookie cutter 25″-27″ bass and blues to 7 pounds. The next day fished even better with Greg Walters on

board. Same spots and tides produced better fishing with a 1:1 fish to cast ratio working for some time until seals intervening caused a significant dip in our batting average. Onward to look, unsuccesfully, for Bonito. Today, I am greetedwith noticeably cooler outside temperatures which turns my thoughts to the Albie migration. I have had reports of Albies, en masse, on the Vineyard this past week. They swim fast and could be here soon. Eyes peeled.

Dates for Montauk Fall run still available. New 23′ SeaCraft.

New York/Metro

Capt. Chris Hessert reports:

406Hey Andrew, Got on the tuna out at monster Ledge in in my neck of the woods, 50/60 pound class fish, larger further South East…since then, the 15th, got up to Chatham w/ the tribe to visit the waters where my folks ashes are scattered in Pleasant Bay. Did squeeze a day near off shore for some tuna action and it was HOT! Jigged Crab Ledge w/ Capt. Jeff Bees, EAST RIPE CHARTERS, if you planning on heading up here, make sure you reach out to him…he knows these waters!
Hooked up on seven toons and landed a real brute @ 150 on 80 lb test spin rod, battled for an hour. A very fine tuna!! Getting the paper work done on the new rig, so…will report the local waters when I get back! Catch’em up! -Capt. chris

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  1. avatar Ron says:

    I’m still having problems finding your weekly fishing report. Where can it be located?

  2. avatar mncahill says:

    Reports were thin so I held it until this morning when we had more to report…looks like everyone’s been on the water…

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