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The big news is RT forum regular ScottNE landed a 53 pound striper in Cape Cod Bay this week.

scottNE53_729_05_300.jpgShort report for now. Left at 7am from Sandwich. Got our butts kicked most of the morning in some monster waves. I think at times we had 6 foot rollers. Picked up some small blues.

About 1145 I have a fish on that I thought was a blue. Now I see it on the top behind the boat, looks like a big blue. Five minutes later it’s at the side of the boat and I almost fall over yelling for the net. Long story short, fish ends up being 53 pounds on the scale, and yes I did weigh it in officially.

Normally I wouldn’t keep them, but this fish was gassed/dead. Waters were 70 degrees today in the Bay and I think it just couldn’t take even the short fight.

I post the good, the bad, and the ugly reports. Wasn’t a great day, but this is the biggest fish of my life that we actually got on the boat.

Little over 51", almost 30" around.

Keepah had this bit from Ellisville:

If anyone is looking for blues from shore they are there by the masses. Me and a buddy went out in search of the "bait shop story seller" of 47# stripers off ellisville the other night and were greeted to schools of blues to 5#’s. We only got two short’s as far as stripers go but caught a few more blues. We were using eels so the number of blues would of went up if we were targeting them specificly. However the next day I went down to sagamore beach to hang out with the better half and some friends and the blues were still all over the place. People were doing well on chunk and I took one on a plug in the short time we were there. It seemed they were a little bigger the closer you got to Scusset. So if it is blues you are after it seems you shouldn’t have a problem from the canal north for shore fishing. Me, however is after what Scottne landed  . Nice fish man.

That’s indicative of the other reports I’m seeing.  Blues off the beaches, with striper in deep water and early.  During the day, the blues are even retreating to deeper water.


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