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As the season has progressed, many boaters on and off the cape have switched their target species from bass to tuna. Early on they discovered that it looks like we are dealing with the same batch of fish as last year.  The same fish, except they are a year older and bigger, much bigger. Thus a popular topic has been what to upgrade your gear to and still cast and fish stand up.

Of course upgrading your equipment going to be cheap. I guess that is one of the reasons I have not made an effort to fish for them. Another reason is boat size. I’m not sure my boat would fair well with my weight and a heavy tuna being hauled over the low gunnel. There actually was a boat sinking due to the crew all standing on one side hauling up big fish. What else??? While my boat has about 150 mile range, I just don’t like burning that much gas in a single outing… let’s face it I’m cheap.

Have I ever caught one? Yes, it was quite the thrill. While not a huge monster like you are seeing out there now, there was plenty of fish for my wife and I and all my neighbors. I have friends that want me to take them out just to get hooked up knowing full well their gear would near actually land the fish or land it in a timely manner 5 + hours is not acceptable in my book. I decline. I had other friends actually hit the tuna grounds, never saw a tuna, but those pesky bass were fun to catch. While they were targeting tuna, I wonder what the epo would have thought of them posing for pictures with some to the bass the caught????. To start off the reports I leave you with what I consider the best tuna picture of the season courtesy of Capt. Joe LeClair.


Elizabeth Islands and beyond

Capt Joe LeClair:

Fishing is great !!! We are catching Bluefin Tuna to 150 lbs. on the fly and spinning gear. We are chasing albies and bonito, bass and blues. With all the wind there have not been a lot of boats on the water, but the fish are diggin’ it.

Captain Joe LeClair
North Eastern Anglers

Martha’s Vinyard

Check Capt. Brice’s blog : http://fishingthevineyard.blogspot.com/

From Capt. Phil Cronin at Capawok Charters:

MV Derby is in High Gear…

It’s pretty clear to people on Martha’s Vineyard that the main reason for existence right now is “the derby”. Everyone is fishing, or wishing they were. If you want to know how widespread derby fever is on the island just try to get a plumber or electrician; or a doctor for that matter, to call you back. This island is all about fishing and there’s plenty around to catch.

For me, this week has been all about the Little Tunny. We’ve caught them everywhere we’ve gone and we certainly aren’t complaining. Yes, I wish they were bigger than the 7 pound cookie cutters that seem to be proliferating the area but boy are they fun. Every once and awhile we bring a bigger one to the boat and think it’s a derby winner only to discover the bogga shows it to be a 9 or 10 pounder. Oh well, maybe tomorrow that 15 pound albie will be at the end of the line.

Here are some photos of what we’ve been doing this past week…

Dana Kisses the Tunny

Barney Proudly Displays His Prize

Adam Puts the Loomis to the Test

Jeff Brings in Another Nice One

Rainer and His Albie Belong in a Magazine

My Fly with the Albies Breakfast

Try Matching this Hatch!!!!

Tight Lines and Singing Drags,

Captain Phil Cronin

Cell: 617-448-2030


no reports summtted

Outer Cape

Get out your seal patterns


South Cape

Albies seem to be hit or miss from Waquoit to Cotuit

Weather has been a major factor over the pass weekend for boaters.


All reports have been quiet, hope fully this is the quiet before the storm of fish come surging through the canal

North Side

Sorry my main source has been off the water due to work and boat repairs. But I know he will be out there this weekend and I’ll add in his findings.

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