Typical Fall Reports

As typical of this time of the year, the reports from guides and recreational fisherman are fading away.   The fish are in fall migration mode so your favorite spot will be hit or miss.

I found Barnstable Harbor to be almost dead but a few  miles down the beach there was a nice bite of good sized stripers.  Most of these were out of range for the shore based person, but I did get a few reports of nice fish take off a few choice bay creek locations.  For the boating set, the challenge may be getting out in the changing fall weather patterns.

At least the shore guy can bundle up, put on the rain gear and take advantage of the NE winds pushing bait and fish within reach.   I’ll be taking advantage of my beach permit to patrol the north facing Neck this saturday hoping to find an honest bass blitz, it has been a long time between good fish outings.  The canal seen typical fall pushes of medium sized fish passing through at night.  These have been hitting hard and the challenge is reaching the bigger fish below.   On the south side and islands the albies seem to be tapering off but the bonito are again making a showing.

Tight lines.  I add the guide reports as the come in.

Bob Parsons

<reports below compiled by Mark Cahill>

Cape Cod Canal

For the most part, the reports hint at generally slow action.  Plenty of seals, sharks and BFT moving in to feast on the fish that are in there.  Word of good fishing one tide earlier in the week has me thinking that perhaps the fish are moving in and out on the tide.  All in all, sounds disappointing for the start of October.

South Side

The albies are still around, but the greatly diminished numbers denote that we’re near the end of the run.  The stripers should put on the feed bag after the wind of the past couple days, so I expect good action once the wind settles down.  Of course, from there, they’ll be starting their long commute south…

Outer Beaches

The wind will have stirred up enough mung that beach fishing will be a truly masochistic endeavor.  By boat, you’ll find action at the rips, and the usual spots.

Cape Cod Bay

The Cape Cod Bay beaches, bays and rivers are a pretty good bet now.  The fish are feeding and getting ready for their big move.


Capt. Lynne Heyer at Cross Rip Outfitters reports:

Just a quick report. If you are not doing anything this weekend and you are surfing TV channels,I just found out that the Nantucket episode of Breaking the Surface is airing this weekend on The Sportsman’s Channel. I believe the show is on at 1:30 pm Friday, 9:30 pm Saturday and 7:00 am Sunday. This is a show starring two lady Anglers that Jeff and I hosted up here on the Island in June. Please check it out and let us know what it is like. We do not have the Sportsman’s Channel at our house. Hopefully we don’t look like Island Bumpkings but you can let us know. If you feel the need to record it we would love a copy. The Sport man’s Channel is either on the Dish Network or Direct TV.

Thank you,


Martha’s Vineyard

No reports as of yet, but I expect to hear in around noon time today, so check back.


Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters reports from Nantucket Sound:

riptidetunaEasy Breezy Tuna-peezy

Despite the wind today Ruge and I got Seth, Murry and Eric out looking for tuna. The big Contender ate up all the slop ACK sound had to offer and never slowed as we rounded Monomoy. Dispite the 3-5′ seas, the busting tuna were easy to see with all the birds and white water they were throwing.

The first pod we ran up on kinda took our breath away, we had a HUGE pod of 400+ pounders airing out and crashing bait. They were a little more than the sports were looking for on topwater.

We got the guys tight 3 times before business obligations forced the guys to pull the plug mid day. As much as we all wanted to stay out, they had important work to handle and a very specific time line.

We got 2 on new prototype Ocean Lures I’ve been testing and one on a sub-surface swimmer. The fish ranged from around 85# to 120# We kept this one, the other two were released in the water boatside to ensure the best chance of a viable release. No need to drag them into the boat since we had one on ice already.

I hope NOAA is wrong there were soooo many fish out there we need to get back on the asap.

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