September ends quietly

September started out with a bang and the albies kept it hopping all month.  However, last week things seemed to slow down and reports are starting to thin out.  Boats are getting pulled out of the water, reels are getting dropped off at shops for the winter tune up, and rods are being put away for the year.  Between fall commitments, spottier fishing results, stronger winds, and colder air people are hanging it up for the year.

Chicken or the egg?  This time of year always begs the question are we getting less fishing reports because there are less fish or fewer fishermen?  Is it because mostly the hard core and tight lipped fisherman are doing the fishing?  My guess it is a combination of all of the above.

The ablie bite is starting to die down and has been less consistent than past weeks.  A few more reports of bonito are showing but not lights out.  Weather has been an issue for bass, blues, and little tuna and unfortunately it looks like high winds over the weekend.

Bass fishing should still have a couple of good weeks left so put on your long johns, neoprene gloves, and wool hat for the last big run of fish.

Eastern LI Sound

Capt. Roger K. Gendron of Connecticut Island Outfitters reports:

The fish are beginning to camp in the Islands, and their campsites are occasionally visible on the sonar too.  Over the weekend there were integrated schools of Bass and Blues holding on bait balls near the bottom in the 8’ to 10’ range, and would take weighted flies on a drift.

We were drifting over the schools and drawing several strikes on each drift.  If we did not get a strike after several casts, we circled back for another drift over the red zone.  The action was good with no time to get a picture, but the fish were all shorts and nothing we haven’t seen before.  Unless, you have never caught a Porgy on fly.  Yes, several copper-colored crustacean eaters impaled themselves while dredging the bottom with a fast sinking line, and likely accounted for a number of short strikes as well.

Funnily the Blues mixed in were about the same size as the Bass; around 3 or 4 lbs. which didn’t seem to intimidate the other two species competing for bait fish.  Slack water still presents a challenge however and the bite seems to drop off with the tide.  But after an hour siesta the moving water will start the chuck wagon rolling again.

I saw a few fish breaking on the flats on the incoming tide, but not steady enough to qualify as surface action.  All the bites really occurred under the surface, with the sun high and the breeze fresh from the east.

Good luck this weekend.


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  1. avatar mike kelly says:

    the albies have been popping at the wall.

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