Boston Saltwater Fishing Report for June 14, 2013

Gotta say, the weather has been more than a little problem.  It’s been pick and choose on the days.  My best advice right now is to get out there when the weather permits, the action has been fabulous!  The weekend looks like a winner.

We’re seeing an excellent run of good size striped bass right now, the whole way across the Boston Metropolitan area.  Primary baits include mackerel and herring, although we can expect that to change over soon, if the weather improves.

Go Bruins!

 Merrimack River

At Surfland, they’ve got some tantalizing reports:

surfland-1…Carlton Cronin weighed in this 33-15 striper that he caught in the Merrimac River using a white 9? weighted Sluggo. Well Carlton, I hope this fish is “magically delicious” !!!


surfland02Then this morning John Noonan comes into the store after fishing the oceanfront early in the am to weigh in this 26-14 pounder that he caught on a swimming lure……again, not telling!


North Shore

In Salem, at Tomo’s Tackle, Tomo Shiraishi reports:

A beautiful Salem striper from Purelife Charters

A beautiful Salem striper from Purelife Charters

Live lining mackerel seems to be what many guys have been doing to catch fish.  They seem to work even when artificials aren’t working.  I was told by a customer of mine that he has caught 49” fish by drifting live mackerel outside of Marblehead Harbor.  And buddy of him caught 51” fish on the same vicinity  There has been blitzes here and there in Salem Sound.  Schoolie size fish have been found blitzing up the river, depending on the tide and spot.  Pogie showed up at Palmer Cove by my shop.  Harbor Pollock are being caught between Islands in Salem Sound as well as Nahant Bay.  Fluke was caught in Beverly Harbor, though small.  Squid fishing has been spotty, but some nights are actually not so bad.


Capt. Jay Shields at Purelife Charters had this report:

purelife-3The fishing on the North Shore the past week has been a happy medium between stellar and pretty good. I have been fishing inshore nearly every day with methods ranging from fly rods in 25kt winds and driving rain to live baits in flat calm seas and high sun. Where I fish between Gloucester and Boston, there have been three major things happening; early feeds at the harbor mouths, roving packs of larger fish in the near-shore deepwater, and traditional structure fishing. The main theme with all of these is herring. In the inshore feeds, the young of the year sea herring have begun to drop out of the harbors and are being met by good groups of fish ranging from twelve inch micros to respectable high thirty inch fish. Two to three inch mushies on fast sinking lines and rebel jumpin’ minnows fished fast have been overwhelmingly outfishing everything else. As these feeds subside, the fish have been moving into the closest piece of structure that they can find and reverting into more traditional forage patterns. The key is being able to find inshore structure that is very close to the open water the feeds have been in. Other, more traditional areas away from this bait concentration have been fishing OK, but marginal in comparison to the structure near the open water feeds.

purelife-2The other herring related activity is the at times spectacular feeds happening in the deeper water off the coast. Large bass are orienting heavily around these adult herring schools, and when the opportunity presents itself driving them to the surface for some incredible action. When this happens, tactical anglers seapencils, zoom flukes, and sp minnows have been highly productive on the spin rods. On fly, basically anything that matches the profile and size of these six to eight inch baits has been producing well. Am I lame if I admit deceivers have been tough to beat? Does that make me an uncool traditionalist? Probably. While the surface shows have been good, my best production has come from Japanese style vertical jigs dropped to the bottom and walked back to the surface. It’s not only a lot of fun to fish these jigs on the light striper gear, it’s also lethal and something no one else has been doing on these fish. Low hanging fruit, internet. Pick it.


Anglerfish Guides reports:

June 7th was one of those days in Boston Harbor that was just incredible.  Huge schools of all keeper sized stripers brutally tracking down the massive schools of herring and mackerel in Boston Harbor.  We ended up with well over 30 keeper Striped Bass all on light tackle.  Here is the video that we shot of double doubles.

Capt. Richard Armstrong at Boston Fishstix had these pics:

MicMac reports on the RT forum:

Fished the Haba last night and caught caught some bass. There were some feeds on top but they were up and down quick. Doesn’t seem like there are the sustained feeds like several years ago. Went out past Graves looking for Macs and had a real hard time finding them. Anyone have better luck on the livies?

ShaneY reports:

Did an early morning run in the big boat looking for blitzing fish at first light. Nothing significant going on as it seems to have been for the last few years. It used to be that you could count on an early morning blitz in the harbor like clockwork. Anyway went out and jigged up some macks. Threw some large flies at the rocks while we were outside with only one large hit. Took the macks inside for a few mid thirties fish. I may try this in the kayak someday. There’s is nothing cooler than seeing a large fish inhale a mack on the surface! :banana

South Shore

Capt. Dave Bitters at Baymen Charters reports:

Gianna and Capt. Dave double up on keeper stripers!

Gianna and Capt. Dave double up on keeper stripers!

I am getting word from a few anglers of big blues showing in the bay, all the way up to the Powder Point Bridge. Ten pounders. Its worth giving it a shot. Also, Jessica Heil reports plenty of big bass continue to be off the front beach a few hours before sunup…

I, on the other hand pulled my back out last night (old sports injury) after working out, and spent the evening icing down. Today, I was at the chiropractors getting put back into place and icing down some more. Should be good to roll in another day or two!

If you have been out, send me a short report and photos if you’ve got them, and I will post them up here on the Baymen Reports

Tight Lines & GO BRUINS…!!!

Capt. Dave

TclPrin reports on the RT Forum:

Today for me was on a friend’s boat. We launched at 4:45 for a run for hacks. We got far away from the fairly large group around the #1 can…and hit them big…both size and numbers Big schools of macks on surface…great sight!

TIme to fish…the usual, and crowed spots did not produce. Off to a favorite spot…alone….and result was 8 – 10 fish between 30″ – 34.”

An enjoyable social trip. Successful for us. Have not heard from others in this area so cannot pass along observations.

One thing that is different so far, a lack of schooling fish under birds. Usually our bay is full at this time of year. Not this one.


Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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