New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for June 21, 2013

The Mid-Atlantic States Fisheries Council has enacted catch limits on River Herring for the Altantic Mackerel Trawl Fishery.  From the Asbury Park Press:

herringThe first limits on incidental catch of river herring and shad in the commercial Atlantic mackerel trawl fishery has been declared for next year by the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council, after a debate with intense pressure from recreational fishermen, environmenatal groups and Cape May and New England commercial fishermen.

The new incidental limit will be 236 metric tons (519,200 pounds), a halfway measure between 456 metric tons that was recommended by the council’s squid, mackerel and butterfish board, and a 119 metric ton limit favored by recreational and environmental groups when the council met last week in Eatontown.

Biologists and fisheries managers don’t have a lot of good information about river herring, which swim upstream from the ocean to the Delaware River, and about 50 other East Coast river systems and innumerable small creeks. Everyone sees the herring runs getting smaller, a trend that can be a combination of degraded river habitats, climate shifts, more fish eating the herring and those incidental catches. Some are pushing to list them as endangered species.

“Right now all of these historic herring runs are empty,” said Paul Eidman of the Anglers Conservation Network, a charter captain from Tinton Falls who helped organize a group of 20 volunteers to check out six herring runs at the Shore this spring. They reported about a dozen sightings of fish, he said.  More…

For striper fisherman, this is a simple issue: no bait, no bass.  We’ve been looking for these regulations for a long time.

New Jersey

Capt. Paul Eidman’s got his new website up over at – stop over and check it out!

eidman-7Hit the suds at daybreak with 3 Guides Choice Lures lures in my pocket. An Old School swimmer, the Bunka Boy and the giant Pencil Poppa, which I probably could have cast to England if it wasn’t blowing so hard.

Unfortunately, the bass were nowhere to be found, but I had fun nonetheless. I ruined this little guys morning as the old school swimmer’s barbless hook ran thru the trough and into his back. He swam away cursing, but he was fine. oops…

From last weekend:

Had great topwater popper action with Bass to 26″ and Blues to 9 lbs. Really lovin the fact that our rivers are paying off. We would be toast without so many options and one thing is for sure, if boat wasn’t trailered we couldn’t take advantage of this.
Sorry no pix, way to wet to breakout the gear. Oh and later on we switched over to fluke and only got one, but is was a 22″ on a bucktail and gulp combo.

 The City

Capt. Chris Hessert at sent over these tantalizing shots:

New York Saltwater Fishing Report

41 lb “fat Gut”

New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report

Another nice NY striper

Capt. Chris Hessert at sent in these two tantalizing shots:


Long Island/Montauk

Capt. Barry Kanavy at posted this bit to his site:

6/14/13 Happy Father’s Day! Sight Fishing Time is here! Cast to Big fish in skinny water, and you don’t have to spend thousands going South to do it. It’s happening in your own back yard, on Long Island’s South Shore. Ravenous Stripers have moved inshore following spawning baitfish. These fish are hungry, aggressive, and filled with line sizzling strength that will surprise even the most experienced anglers. If I could only fish one month a year this next month would be my choice. We know where they are. We know where they hide. We know where and when they feed. This month will go by fast. Step onto the deck of our all new “Hell’s Bay Neptune Flats Skiff” it is the cutting edge in technology, bullet proof carbon fiber light weight quiet hull, dual power poles, 150 HP HO E-Tech Raker II Stainless cupped prop, in case we’re attacked by terrorists. Hell, it’s worth the trip just for a ride in this rocket ship. Oh yeah it’s complete with five inch cushions for comfort. Lets hope the weather will give us a break. We are thrilled to announce Flip Pallot and the owner’s of Hell’s Bay Boatworks invited us to be part of their international cutting edge guiding team. Do not hesitate, fish the cutting edge of technology and experience Long Island’s South Shore. Reservations 516-785-7171
Gift Certificates Always Available

Check out photo of the month page.

Tight Lines
your Captain

While not from this week, I really enjoy this video of Barry’s:


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