View Full Version : 9/13-16: Montauk and Gardiner's Albies

09-18-2000, 09:52 AM
Got out for several days last week.

Wednesday: Montauk seemed dead, so I swung over to Gardiner's and had good action 3 to 6 pm around Bostwicks. There were blues mixed in, but enough albies to do well.

Thursday: Found albies in the morning outside of Accabanac Harbor. Caught and lost one there, but the prize of the day was my first ever spanish mackerel there. Just a little guy (probably less than one pound), so I let it go, but what a beautiful fish. Albies in Cherry Harbor later in the day, but I could not make them hit. Would have assumed they had lock jaw but David Blinken's client was hooking up. Oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. Around midday picked up my only other albie at Bostwicks.

Friday: Ted, I am sorry for the advice I gave you. The rain ended early and the winds never got as high as forecast. I realized this as I visited with non fishing friends. David Blinken told me the next day that Gardiner's was good that day.

Saturday: With high NW winds, I decided to try Montauk again. The lighthouse had albies on in coming tide, but it was very bumpy out there so I headed for the south shore after getting 1 albie. Caswells had albies popping up now and then, with bluefish mixed in closer to shore, and bass sometimes showing on the surface outside in the rips. Although the albies were not thick, they were hitting very aggressively and it was a good bite for several hours. Things died out around 1 pm, but around 3 pm the lighthouse had good albie action for several hours.

Water temps were still around 69 degrees Saturday, so we've got some quality time left for this run. Hope to get out several days this week and look forward to more bass joining the surface action soon.