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03-31-2001, 12:25 PM
Flew in to New Orleans 3/23. My Father (who drove in from Tennessee) picked me up at the airport. Had a room at the C-Way Marina Lafitte Lousianna, kindof a dump, but for $65 a night not to bad, I was there to fish, not be pampered, however I will have different accomidations next time.

I had booked a fly/spin guide through Bourgeois Charters www.neworleansfishing.com for 3/24 and 3/25 to fish for Red Fish in the Marsh. We ended up "sub contracted" to E-Z FLy Guide Service www.e-zfly.com with Capt. Gregg Arnold. he had a kick A Maverick Master Angler flats boat. We ran 40 Mph in less than a foot of water, what a ride!!

Capt. Gregg Arnold was a blast to fish with, had great gear (more on that in a minute) was very professional, easy to get along with and really knew how to find his way around that maze....I woulda been lost.

The area is a maze of grass and channels dug out by the oil companies to get drilling rigs in for oil/gas extraction. Honestly if it wasn't for the oil companies there really wouldn't be anyway to fish this MASSIVE estauary. The intercoastal waterway (which the Marina is on) runs right through the middle of it all. You wouldn't believe the amount of commercial traffic.

3/23 we got on the water around 6 and headed straight into the marsh after a short ride down the Intercoastal. We were right on Reds feeding along the shore of the Oil channels. I started with an Orvis 8 wt. rod throwing a little epoxy spoon. the deal was, no false cast, throw it against the bank, 4 or 5 strips, water haul and repeat. My Dad was throwing a light weight spinning rod with a Gold Johnson spoon. by 10am we had caught 4 red fish from 5 to 7 lbs. The wind picked up and Capt. Gregg Arnold switched me over to a Scott STS 909/3 9wt Rod with a LeeWulff Bermuda Trinagle line.. OH MY GOD, this is the rod and line to have! Have never thrown anything like it in my life! I will throw away all my other rods and get this rod and line.

We moved around and fished other channels and picked up the Odd Red here and there, by 1 the sun was high, the wind was picking up and the mercury was dropping....Cold front moving in.

3/25 first light we met Capt. Gregg Arnold at the Marina, the wind was doin 20 Mph, temp 45 ...we scrubbed the day and planned again for 3/26. Meantime Dad and I went into New Orleans, 20 minute ride and hit Bourbon street, the Americas Aquirium (left the rod at the Marina....grin) ate gumbo, wandered the city.

3/26 first light we met Capt. Gregg Arnold at the Marina, the wind was doin 5-10 Mph, temp 45, bottom out of the Barometer. Prevailing wind from the North had pushed all the water out of the estuary. Rode around all day looking for deep enough flat to fish. Picked up a few rat reds (less than 2 lbs) and a half dozen speckled trout. Not the guides fault, fishin is fishn.

All in all had a great experience, ate a ton of sea food, listened to people talk funny (cajun accent is a HOOT!) drank a beer or 20 with my father (worth the whole trip), saw an amazing estuary, learned new fishng methods and was not at work. Was a little early in the year to be there but was in a "Use it or loose it" vacation deal at work.

I plan on going back mid summer and fish the calm HOT HUMID dog days in Lousianna. I strongly recommmend Capt. Gregg Arnold www.e-zfly.com as a guide. (BTW: If you met him, tell him he looks just like Jimmy Houston....);

Will post photos on the web after development.

04-02-2001, 09:40 AM
Sounds like a blast! I saw a fishing show about that a few weeks ago. It seems like I have seen a lot of fishing shows lately!