View Full Version : Crab flies for stripers

02-11-2000, 11:05 PM
Does anyone fish a lot of crab patterns for stripers? I am interested in what others have found to be effective, what patterns especially but techniques as well. How big do you tie yours and in what colors? Thanks. Mike

02-11-2000, 11:22 PM
I have started tying and fishing more crab flies over the last year. I haven't had much luck yet but I believe they can be quite effective. From talking to other people who fish them a lot the most effective time to fish these patterns is during mid to late summer when other baits are a little more scarce. Most of the time crab flies are used to sight fish on sandy flats. Two of the most effective patterns are a little bigger than quarters with deer body hair trimmed to a crab shape or rabbit strips wound on the hook with feathers for claws in a dark olive color. This size crab seems to predominate in the stomachs of stripers I have seen kept. Something similar to crabs are lobsters. Flies that imitate lobsters seem to work better than crabs around rocky structure because they can be given a little more swimming action than crabs to keep them up off the bottom some whereas the crab is pretty much crawling along the bottom.

02-11-2000, 11:59 PM
Hey Mike....I haven't done alot of it but have scored with olive Del Merkins on some of the flats we fish. Where I fish crabs, you can see the bottom. I like to use a depth charge line so that I can keep the crab on the bottom and make it pounce from spot to spot. This has proved effective but u need to be keen and watch the strike for normally you will not feel it. The bass stops and inhales the bugger right off the bottom. Some of the green crabs on the flats in the bay are pretty big. I have caught fish in your favorite area that had crushed crabs hanging out of their mouths. These appeared to be small rock crabs with a tannish orangeish hue. For castability I stick to crabs 1-1.5 inches in diam.....Jeff

03-09-2000, 07:35 PM
Try noreast saltwater page. Don's hardshell crab is one working pattern. Several nice Bass were caught on this pattern.