View Full Version : week of 7/4-7/11 off Chatham/Orleans

07-13-2001, 01:58 PM
Fished 5 or 6 days off the Chatham and Orleans coastline. Targeting Stripers we located various size pods of bass that were mostly chasing sandeels. Some days, action was non-stop, while others, the bite was more of a steady pick. Numerous bass in the 28"-34" range were caught, with some pods of fish producing 36"-40" fish. Biggest of the week was 30 lbs. We tried the rips off of Monomoy one day. We drifted surf clams and caught only a handful of bass. All the rest of the fish came on light tackle (12-14 lb test) and various colors of Netters Lances. We used the 1/2 oz leadhead version and occasionally got some surface action on weightless Lances (6 "). As usual, blue ice color was the best, but black/red flake and black blue flake colors were a close second. When the bite was on, color really didn't matter. Highlight of the trip was all the Tuna that were moving through the area. We hooked up twice with the light tackle and the Netters Lances. Both fish were around 100 lbs. and put up quite a fight until both broke off. Bluefish (mostly 6-10 lbs) were frequently moving through and tearing up the tackle. A few dogfish were also caught. As soon as my rush order of baits gets in, we'll be back at it.

07-13-2001, 04:20 PM
What kind of Tuna??

07-15-2001, 04:48 PM
If you dont mind telling? exactly where were the tuna and are they reachable via wading with a fly rod?



07-16-2001, 11:55 AM
These were Bluefin Tuna that appeared to be in the 70-120 lb. range. They were in various locations off the coast. Roughly 3-6 miles out in 50-80 foot depth ranges. I don't think they are accessible to wading. You will need a boat, the will to chase after them, and a little luck to be there when they pop up. The schools move fast and timing is key. We went back yesterday and considerably slower fishing. I have never seen so many boats in this area. The bluebird skies/north winds probably did not help the fishing any either. We caught a handful of Stripers to 36" and many ocean blues to 12 lbs. All of these came on 6 inch, 1/2 oz Netters Lances cast on light tackle. We saw a few whales and saw a few pods of Tuna moving through but did not hookup this time.