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07-15-2001, 09:03 PM
I went out with Hidde Ploegh today. Given the tides, we slept in and left very late--got out around 9:00AM. This was because I was so tired yesterday at 430AM (after 3 out of 4 days going out at that time on a few hours sleep) that I was continously dozing on the bow while Hidde was bringing in fish from the stern. Today, we decided to target the outside rocks. We fished nearly every bit of wash on all of the rocks from the Graves down to Minot's Ledge. There was no wind and little chop so we could get right on top of them. The lack of wind and the heavy sink tips made it pretty easy to cast right to the backing. The water was clear; so we could also follow the fly. The result was two follows and no hits after about 4 hours of casting. In spite of the lack of success in catching anything, this was still a great day--terrific casting practice to work on the technique so that it will be there when the fish are more cooperative.

On the other hand, the radio chat suggested that others trolling and fishing live bait were into both large bass and blues on the outside.