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07-17-2001, 07:33 PM
Hit the North end of P.I. at 6 am to find terns and cormorants working close to shore. Didn't get a hit. I threw sparse to full clousers, both o/w & c/w, deceivers and a snake flie white. The cormorants were coming up with large sand eels 5" - 6" and fat. I worked out to the jetty and back with nothing but 3 small flounder to show for the effort. Figured with the weather it would be good.
From 6:30 on I watched the terns go nuts in the middle of the river across from the needle most of the morning. They were still there when I left. Made me wish I brought the yak. Although I didn't see much happening underneath as far as fish breaking.
Still beats work!
tight lines,

Mike D.