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07-30-2001, 09:04 AM
Well I must admit I have had a tough time landing fish this season. I have put in many many hours of fishing only to come home with out even as much as a nibble, as I am sure many of us have. I must also admit I am not much of a fly fisherman, but I think it makes it a little more fun to try and turn the info from this forum for one type of fishing into another and see if you can succeed. Most of my trips this year were no payoffs, but finally this weekend I got what I wanted most. I headed out to Monomoy with my wife on our whaler and on the way talked to someone that was very friendly and pointed me in the right direction for once. He sent us out of monomoy to the edge of south beach. Our destination was the red marker out side of chatham, enroute I found some nice surf spot to make some bucktail casts and caught one 24" I know thats its not much for some, but it was fun for me.

Then later that day I headed back out to the marker after spending $200 for a lead core setup and one tube worm. This was some kick in the pants, after spending the money I was ready to head out and try for some "Legals" and enroute came accross a school of blues busting all over the place, so I picked up my light tackle and made a cast and BAM! I hooked a very nice Blue fish, man are they fun to catch! I landed him and let him go only to find they had run off!

Well continued our way to the marker and I finally got to use my deep rover setup with a tube worm and after about 20 minutes I hooked another huge bluefish, I was thinking all the time it was a very nice striper. This was quite an experience, this Blue was at least 7 or 8lbs. Then we headed home.

The next morning (Sunday) I was out again it was quite flat out and was hoping for some nice action, and that is exactly what I got I hooked into a very nice striper (for me this season!) it ended up being 27" and very fat and healthy, so after landing him and making sure he was healthy I set him on his way, that was the only fish worth mentioning on this trip but it was a very nice trip indeed.

Sorry about the lenght of this post but to those of who have not tried jigging, dont knock what you have not tried!


Bob Parsons
07-30-2001, 12:25 PM
Well done Cygnus. Sometimes you just have to be able to switch from one type of set up to another to find fish. I carry as many as five different rods on my boat. The spinning gear is usually best suited for fun with schoolies. Since the flyrod is a 9wt. fish under 20" are just hand stripped in. A conventional set up with 12# test has just a bit more backbone then the spinning rod. It's new and has not been christened with a striper over 28" ( but then neither has the flyrod after several years) One rod for trolling/jigging and then either a wire or lead core set-up depending on wether I go out with the intention of tubing.

Keep at it, the fishing will really pick up as we head into thru august into sept.