View Full Version : Barstable

Bob Parsons
09-09-2001, 11:43 PM
It was a quiet morning with no surface activity. Did get some follows fishing off the east bar. But had to leave to take advantage of the low tide to stock up on quohogs. Midday still no signs of surface activity. I suspect there was at least one school of decent fish 1/3 out to the bell buoy as the area was fished by a charter boat several times during the day. Couldn't fish them as I left the heavy gear home.
On the bright side of things 9 out of 10 of my pots had lobsters in them with several keepers. And I saw an ocean sunfish. Late afternoon there were birds diving on what I suspect was bluefish but as I arrived to fish the area I heard an strange noise.. turned and could see a boat with its stern high enough to raise the motor out of the water. Tow heavy guys in a 15' runabout somehow managed to submerge the bow as on had gone to the front to anchor. Boat sunk, and a slew of us rushed over to help. Guys rescued, boat which had turned turtle was dragged to the beach where it was righted. Water was bailed and the boat was all set to go when towboatUS arrived to tow it into the marina.
No fish but it was an interesting day.