View Full Version : West Wall / Charlestown Breach

10-01-2001, 12:19 AM
Made my first try at Albies off the West Wall. Before the sun was up enough to give them a try I was poking around with a Chartruese Clouster and got wacked by my first big striper which undid my knot. Later I hooked a my first Albie which popped a nicked tippet. Learned a good lesson about knots and terminal tackle. So all you new guys check those knots and nicks.

Saturday the 29th: plenty of albie action on the West Wall until tenish in the wind and overcast. I missed mine.

On Friday I was out at the breachway saw bluefish at the mouth busting (Blues and Albies) in the breach. The beach had pods of blues and bonito moving up and down all morning--very picky--I was the only guy with a fly rod. Bass in the surface early am and sunset on poppers. What a mix RI is great! Now all I need to do is hook some of them--