View Full Version : Canal 10/3 a.m.

10-03-2001, 04:51 PM
Started at Bell Rd. Calm as can be with nice bright moon. Sounded like the guys across from me were into some big fish by the sounds of them. They were fishing off the R.R. Bridge abuttment until a car pulled up and off they scurried. Caught 6 schoolies with Yozuri popper and then someone else showed up and proceeded to fish right in my casting direction( you have a whole canal and people got some nerve having to fish right next to you) so I packed it up and moved on to Jungles. And the place was a jungle of fishermen. Most guys were chunking and catching a lot of sand sharks. Didn't see any keepers caught. Plenty of breaking fish to cast to in middle. Got a couple hits but no takers on big popper. I heard there was some pretty good action down the east end!

Thunder Rod
10-05-2001, 10:39 AM
Seems like there's always someone fishing off that abutment on the Mainland side at night. I thought it was illegal, but they sure are not quiet about it.

One night a couple weeks ago there were some real loud drunken idiots fishing and hollering out there for hours, up until one of them caught a fish that was of a size that required that they, quote: "gotta leave (with it) right now". Well, it sure as hell wasn't to go weigh it in since it happened to be 2-AM. Oh, then to attract just a bit more attention as they scrambled to leave, their car alarm goes off....

Seems like there hasn't been much of a drop-off in crowds since Labor Day. Even during the graveyard shifts....Looks like the days of being able to fish a spot, even late in the season at night, without being squeezed in as you were, are pretty much over.