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02-14-2002, 08:29 PM
I just got back from a deep sea charter in Grand Cayman. I would have posted in the carribean forum, but not that many posts there.

Our charter captain and his mate worked very hard to get us some fish on the day we went out, it was slow trolling so we spotted a few dolphin and got the light spinning tackle out, they seemed pretty adament on hooking a few of these fish which was fine. We caught two and then moved on to some more trolling, after a while with no luck, we did some drift fishing for yellow fin snapper and ocean trigger fish. We managed one trigger fish and lost a few others. Since we were 20 miles out we trolled all the way in back to port and hit two wahoo's about a mile from the dock.

This gave us 2 wahoos, 2 small dolphin and one trigger fish for the afternoon.

While my father and I were coming in we debated what to do with the fish and decided we would keep one dolphin and one wahoo and give the rest of the fish to the captain and mate as he had earlier said that they sometimes sell fish to the local restaurants.

When I asked the captain if he would like some of the fish he informed me that the fish were all property of the boat and that they would cut some steaks for us to take home.

They ended up giving us 1/2 of one wahoo and 1/2 of one dolphin fish and kept the rest.

I felt bad because my dad was staying for another 2 weeks and had other family members coming down, so it wasnt like the fish was going to waste because they were staying in a condo and cooking every night and he even informed the captain of this when he asked how long we were staying.

The captain had already told us he gets about 3 bucks a pound for a wahoo fish and the one whole one they kept was about 25 pounds or so and god knows what he gets for dolphin or trigger fish.

I know charter boating as a business is tuff, fuel costs, boat costs, dock costs, equipment, deck hands and so on, but I feel like we basically paid them to catch fish for them to sell. All day long I thought the captain was dissapointed for us because we didnt hook up much but after it was all said and done, I think he was more worried he would have no fish to sell that night. Otherwise it was a fun trip and they stayed out longer than they should have.

Is this a common practice around here for charter boats, I know some tuna boats split the price of any fish sold but what about stripers or cod and so on.

Bob Parsons
02-14-2002, 08:54 PM
I did a blue water charter in Hawaii and they do the same. Give you some steaks and sell the catch. I knew this before I signed up.

I think my captain got a little ahead of himself on the mahi mahi I hooked and it cost him.

Our charters for cod here in NE are mostly party boats and you keep your fish. But you stay within the recreational rules. The same goes for Stripers and blues.

02-15-2002, 10:53 AM
ALWAYS find out who owns the fish down there. I'll often bring tackle to these guys as a tip as it costs them around 5 times as much to buy. As far as charters around here, Bob is right. There was a time, however, that charter boats could carry 6 "phantom" comm striper endorsements and, when the charter had their rec limit, they could meat fish and keep the rest. That was done away with DESPITE a big fight from many charter guys, one of whom is rather well known from Falmouth. As far as tuna, the issue is a federal reg. Saleable fish belong to the boat, not an individual. Hence, the charters should, as I did, state the policy on fish prior to sailing how a split, if any, is to happen...