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02-19-2002, 10:55 AM
A new fly fishing club is forming in central Suffolk County.
Membership is open to all who enjoy fly fishing the waters of Long Island Sound and its surrounding areas. The clubs primary focus will be on all aspects of of saltwater fly fishing, fly tying, casting and fishing techniques. Trips to
local destinations as well as those more distant will also be an ongoing objective for the club. The club is also seeking affiliations with other organizations whose objectives support the preservation of Long Island Sound fishery and its resources. Education, lectures, demostrations, etc will be part of every meeting. If you are interested in a fly fishing club where the emphasis is on "fishing" then this is a club that you will enjoy being a part of. Charter members are being sought to assist in the club start-up. For further details please contact us via e-mail at:
Soundflyfishers@aol.com...Thank you and tight lines!