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05-27-2002, 09:23 PM
A member of the board had this to say in another thread:

"""I'm sure L.L. Bean is happy to hear they have another customer

I just can't get into fly fishing. Show me one fly fisherman that can catch consistent 30 pound fish on a tube and worm or bunker spoon and then I'll fly fish! I know most fly fisherman are nice people but I do see a lot down the beaches that think they are somehow superior and are all high and mighty. I guess that beats the meat stickers.

If I trout fished, I'd definately do that with the fly wand but I don't so I'll stick to conventional unless I get the urge to catch 8" bass.

Besides it would be tough to flyfish in these 30 knot winds this spring anyway and 7' seas."""

05-27-2002, 09:39 PM
I've banned myself from posting and will only be a guest from here out.


05-27-2002, 09:43 PM
I think this guy has it totally wrong. At least it sounds that way. He is totally comparing different methods of fishing in completely different situations. It just doesn't make sense. Simple!

I mean the only thing "tube&worming" and "flyfishing" have in common is that they are forms of fishing. But that is about it.

Let's just argue the fact of fishing in different locations to argue my point. Take Billingsgate shoal and the CC Bay flats for example. Both are located within a few miles of each other, and undoubtebly see some of the same schools of fish. Now think about it a little bit. If you were casting to a 40 incher cruising a sand bar what would you throw? A tube and worm, That fish would be off that bar before it had time to hit water. Your best shot would be with something that imitated something small on the bar, like a crab or sand eel.

Now put yourself on Billingsgate shoal in a boat. Say that 40 incher is swimming in a school on the shoal. What is your best shot at cathcing him? obviously trolling something large. Because your trying to cover more water and get the interest of the fish in alot more water.

Case and point. It depends where you are, what method works best. If you think fly-guys only catch small fish, your smoked! I'll out fish any tube and wormer on the flats. Come on. Take your best shot!!!

05-28-2002, 02:58 PM
I thought that the frick and frack of fly vs meat wouldn't get started until the dog days of summer. Besides, everyone knows that a REAL keeper of 25" is caught trolling behind a (jabroni ??) on a jet ski.

05-28-2002, 03:36 PM
I flyfish for the sport of it... sure it is "more consistent" to use bait. Its probably even more consistent to chum or use a gill net, but what's the point.

It would also be more consistent to shoot ducks on the water...

What about the pure pleasure of a sporting challenge?

05-28-2002, 03:50 PM
you want a challange?? grab your snorkling gear and a knife and have at it.....this debate will never be solved but as a person who enjoys both the fly and spin rod depending on availability and condition, there are plenty of ways to add a "challenge" or "sport" to spin fishing... there are pros and cons to both from both sides of the argment. you are right it is more difficuilt to master a fly rod and there is a level of satisfaction that you enjoy when tying your own flies...I guess that would be like making your own lures...give that a try on a spin setup...wittle some plugs and swimmers...things that are challenging and add sport to fly fishing can also be considered on a spin rod. what took me some time to realize is with a spin rod just lightening the tackle is not the only solution. A good spin fisherman also needs to know how to find fish, where to target structure, fish currents etc. Even when using bait, yo still have to present it to the fish..just because you are using bait doesn't mean you are catching fish consistantly. I spin fish alot, and I fly fish. I learned to adapt some stratagies from fly fishing to make spin fishing a more enjoyable experience. Not just lightening tackle, but targeting casts and isolating tecnique. Retrieve speed, depth in the water column, etc. all things that a good fly fisherman must also consider. I cast a spin rod like a fly rod. Every cast has a purpose and a target, not just rapidly flailing away. Even on a spin rod, a well presented cast to the right bar or rock at the right depth at the right speed is as rewarding...granted I didn;t tie the lure or cause a swimming action solely on my stripping action but I think you see my point...This argument drives me crazy because I think there are similarities in both diiplines...I don;lt see them as extreme oposites...at least when spinning is a science no rapid fire with a lure or bait....if you are referring to those who cast everywhere at anything...than sure...you are right