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03-10-2000, 12:41 PM
I like the Puglisi patterns but have not found any sources or descriptions of the material or patterns. I would appreciate any assistance on these patterns materials and methods. Thank you in advance.

03-11-2000, 06:48 AM
Hunters Angling Supplies in New Boston New Hampshire carries the material. They have a web site under Hunters Angling Supplies. Also, I believe Urban Anglers In ManHattan Carries the material. Tight Lines FishHawk

03-11-2000, 07:48 PM
www.epflies.com, unfortunately the site is still under construction.....
American Angling in Salem, N.H. carries Puglisi materials.
Any Puglisi materials at the Wilmington show?
Doug Burgess

03-11-2000, 11:19 PM
Dear Doug;
I can't vouch for the Wilmington show, but I just saw and spoke with Enrico Puglisi in his booth at the Miami show (the Castlow Group Shallow Water Fishing Expo) His stuff looks phenomenal and I bought 3 packs of what is called "EP Fibers" I'll post some info when I tie with it and when I fish with it. The flies he ties look phenomenal - great profiles and the seem to be really durable. He said that they last 10 times longer than conventional flies because they were first tied to fish blues and stripers in NY. Now if he could just make them retreivable for us mangrove hookers in South Florida!

03-22-2000, 02:24 PM
The Sea Fibres are in stock at The Saltwater Edge in Newport RI 401-848-0062

04-20-2000, 01:32 PM
As Peter said, the stuff is called Sea Fibre, and is available everywhere now (I get mine from Urban Angler in NY, but Orivs carries as well). The trick is to alternate high-ties and low-ties. The hanks should be VERY thin. One patchof Sea Fibre should last you a lifetime (or at least many seasons!) And yes, it's virtualy indestructible.

Some other tips: some people like to trim the whole fly to give it shape after completing. I think this gives the fly an unnatural look. Better to get the right length hanks when you tie it in. I've found that if you leave the ones towards teh head fairly long, it gives the head a nice sloping shape. If you cut them short, if gices the fly more of a forehead -- depends on whatyou're imitating.

Also, guys at UA showed me that you can greatly reduce fouling with longer flies if you put a tiny amount of Flexament between your fingers and run it through the fibers just past the bend of the hook. This stiffens the fibers and prevents them from wrapping around the hook.

I love this material -- the flies look great and they hold up really well. You can also make very small flies with this stuff too.