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06-25-2002, 06:03 AM
I've posted this in the Boats/Electronics thread with no response, my apology for posting in a fishing thread.

Does anyone have any input/experience with Nitro boats? Specifically the Nitro Bay boats? http://www.nitro.com/bay.cfm Am interested in the Bay 1800.

Secondly, being that these boats come Mercury powered, does anyone have any input on the Mercury 4 strokes? Am interested in a 90 ELPT 4-stroke Saltwater. I am already aware of the quality of the Honda and Yamaha.

Any input would be appreciated.

You may reply to the thread for others or direct email me.

FYI: Piscataqua River/Pmouth NH, tons of schoolies on top with a few 30" fish mixed in taking small white decievers up in the little bay/furber straight area... there....now it's a fishing report...grin

Thanks in advance....

06-25-2002, 06:14 PM
No info on Tracker but I just bought a new boat and really really shopped it. If your into flyfishing the Key West's (KW) CC's, and that's what I bought, have great room in the rear of the boat for the pilot/caster. Bought the 19' CC with a Yamaha 2S 90--the 115 4s was about $1800 more. Great boat and the 90 pushes me at 40mph.

KW makes a 17' also (regular and flats) and given what I paid I would imagine it would be comparable to the Tracker. The dealer I bought mine from is a small dealer w/great prices and they sell all over the NE. They're in NY but if you can save $1000's, it worth a call.

I love my boat and you can get Yamaha or Suzuki's 4s on it. The Yamaha is factory direct thing and Anglers is also a Suzuki dealer. Give them a call--Anglers Marine at 518-828-6934, Albany, NY area.

Good luck and congrats on getting a new boat--good luck!