View Full Version : north shore 6/25 p.m.

06-25-2002, 08:50 PM
Quenched my thirst for chumming tonight. Hit missoury island almost as a joke with my fly rod, and saw literally hundreds of fish. Sat there and chummed for four hours, and it seemed like I was constantly hooked up. One observation I made today made me an even firmer believer in flourocarbon. I chummed up a massive school of bass, and cut identical chunks for my hook baits. Same hooks, but one had 12 pound straight mono, the other I rigged w/ 20 lb flouro. I watched the baits settle into the chum, and bass swam up to the mono, but shyed away many times, but with the flouro I didnt get a single refusal. Pretty interesting stuff. Oh yeah, you prolly want to know the fish count-40 fish smallest was 23 inches, largest was 37 inches, majority of fish were 25-30 inches. I also caught a 6 pound bluefish, which took with him a small piece of J.J. finger meat prior to his brutal beating in retaliation, and by the way, blues make great chum, especially after they grab a pice of your flesh off. Moral of the story-never leave the pliers in the dock box. Thats it until tomorrow, Tight Lines, Soundking