View Full Version : 6/28-30 East Hampton/Amagansett

06-30-2002, 10:07 PM
Fished Fri. dusk at Sammy's, Sat. and Sun. at "an undisclosed location on Gardiners Bay" and also Sunday at Lazy Point.

On Friday nite had nothing at Sammy's. For all of the posts on this board, it was dead and showed no signs of life, although I was chased away after but a half hour by a T-storm. Several indicators that it has been a poor season on that beach: saw one regular walking back from fishing TMH inlet with a couple of blues said he hadn't caught a bass on the beach there all season, I didn't see another regular (a resident of the beach) who is usually always out there when there are fish to be had even though his house lights were on, few if any terns diving along the shore, no bait visible, no swirls of signs of fish, empty parking lot.

On Sat. and Sun. had the same results each day of a 24" bass, a blue and a few cut-offs from blues. There was basically a 10 to 15 minute mild flurry of activity each morning.

On Sunday morning, also drove over to Lazy Point and saw a school of blues under birds in the rip out in front of the inlet on the outgoing tide, beyond casting range. Wished I had a kayak at that moment as the one kayaker out there with a fly rod looked to be having fun. A few surfcasters hooked up at the end of very long casts. Crowded there with what I would call an up-island, surf caster crowd driving back home from Montauk.