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08-05-2002, 06:16 PM
Ah, bluefishing, how I have missed you. Nailed some BIG blues today from 3 to 7. Trolled at first in the chanels between the breakers, newcomb's ledge, and halfway rock. Caught six in just over an hour although with my four rod spread and two people on board it was at times difficult to land all of the double, tripple and once quadrouple hookups. The majorty of the strikes came to the close rapalas (blue mackerel, firetiger), although a creation of mine produced the biggest fish. It is a giant chartreuce FPF tied tandem with a 2 oz egg sinker just infront of the lead hook, I call it the bluefish racer, and my new bluefish favorite. Spend the rest of the time livelining small herring in between the structure, the great thing about this is that as soon as I feel the bait get nervous, I sky the rod top and scream the herring across the surface...BOOM. Every time, three or four marauding blues attacked, ednign with a hookup. God I love these fish!!!!!!!
Tight Lines, Soundking

08-05-2002, 08:46 PM
Hey King, I was'nt to far away doing the chunkin' thing around Norman's rock and some other locales with obliging striupers. I remebered your observations from a previous post, threw on some flourocarbon and tiny circle hooks (#4's) and I was in business. Most of the boats around me weren't doing much, One guy even anchored 10' away thinking I had the "good" spot. Ended up with about 16 fish over 26", which is good for me. I'm ready to go for the big boys though. You say try around the #2 off Eastern Pt. in 50-120'. Is that with no weight? My fishfinder kinda sucks so I doubt I'll mark anything, so I'd like an idea of the depth you think I should be putting my baits in. Thanks in advance, Red.

08-06-2002, 07:44 AM
Hey congrats on showing up the competition at norman's. I love it when your into fish and people think that by inching closer to you, not changing their tactics they'll catch fish. But on the topic of the #2, it has really shut down as of late. Everybody and their brother is out there trying to catch some fish, and it has really hurt the fishing. I would stick to the rocks, as some larger fish are starting to be taken among them, especially after this cold front cools the water down a bit. I'll keep you posted if the #2 heats up again
Tight Lines, Soundking

08-06-2002, 03:25 PM

I'm curious about the water off Eastern Point which had held some nice fish up until recently. Just what is/was holding 'em there?? Clouds of tiny bait or what? My bait guy said he witnessed an absolute blood bath with some friends who harvested a mess of large bass there about 10 days ago. I checked it out and found some decent bass, but all under 25 pounds. Friends tell me they were into some into the 30-35 pound range.

I go outta Marblehead and usually work Halfway Rock and over to Rams. Friends told me the Gloucester deal was a daybreak slow trolled live bait thing frequented by commercials early in the season.Very odd that with all the rocky sgructure and better dropoffs available that this relatively featureless spot would ever produce. Comments?

08-06-2002, 07:30 PM
Hey im outta beverly, so we share the same waters. I believe the reason for the rescent mass of bass off of the breakwall is that is where the commercial sieners unload some of their bycatch before entering the harbor, also, lobstermen unload a lot of their bait off of that wall. In addition, that wall is swept by some pretty damn good currents, and when added with a very steep and very deep chanel, makes for ideal big fish stalking grounds. It also serves as an area rich with shrimp and other invertabrates, giving the harbor pollock food and shelter. And also for some reason, the water is consistently a few degrees cooler there than the surrounding areas. I believe the reason for this is the huge volume of water that fluctuates in and out of that harbor. And, even if it lacks the amazing structure that we have here, it still draws the big fish like no other.
Big Red:To answer your question about rigging baits for the breakwall, its whole dead herring with a 2/0 circle through the nostrils, with a rubberband breakaway rig with a 4 oz bank sinker, under a balloon two baits one at 40 the other at 60. Hope this helps, and Tight Lines, Soundking

08-06-2002, 10:41 PM
Hey King, that helps. I've done the tuna thing before so I know what your talking about, just needed a little confimation on my suspicians. Hope you don't end up floating down the Annisquam for divulging all the comm. guys secrets! Just one more question, ( I know I'm pressing my luck ), when you troll for blues are you using wire, mono or braid and how much would you let out trolling cd18's. Thank's for all the info and if you ever need fishig company e-mail me, I'll keep the question to a minimum. I'm planning on heading up again thurs.

Mark Cahill
08-07-2002, 06:51 AM
Big Red,

The best way to tune your trolling depth with wire, braid, mono is to find yourself a nice gently sloped section of sand beach. Start to troll down the beach in 15' of water. Let out line until the rapala bounces the bottom. Mark the wire with a bit of tape. Then move out to where you can hold a depth of 25' and repeat.

It's been a while since I had to tune my trolling techniques. Personally, I swear by downriggers over wire any day...I can easily control depth and can fish at depths where wire won't reach. Oh, yeah, I can fish those depths with light tackle, also.

08-07-2002, 08:24 AM
Red- I dont mind questions one bit, in fact one of my joys is answering questions, so if you ever have any, dont hesitate to ask them. About the cd18's, Mark brings up a great idea, I'll have to try it-thanks Mark. But Im just using mono, I set my trolling speed at 3.4 kts then put out three lines, one is my near line, in the fourth wave (I cast this in front of my boat so it gets down a little further), the other is my medium line, in the sixth wave, and the last is what I call the straggler line I run a line at least 70 yards in back of the boat with the rod from my t-top for this I use the bluefish racer. This is a set-up I got from a few years of expirementing, once I find which lures the blues are striking the most, I set them all to ths pattern. But remember to keep switching the spread around if you are seeing blues and not getting hit. Tight Lines, Soundking