View Full Version : Quonnie 9/14 and the fish gods.

09-16-2002, 09:56 AM
Given the weather, I thought the South facing beaches of Quonnie would be a good choice as I hoped it would blow the bait into the beach. Plan was to fish the beach and pond around the tides.

I wanted to be kayaking in Quonnie pond on the incoming tide (Low tide = 12:00-12:30 AM). My goal was to study the pond at night and test some new areas and listen for fish & bait. The weather had other ideas.

Before kayaking the pond, my plan was to fish the beach at dusk and then again during the first 2-3 hours of flood tide (10-12:30) until the tide turned in the pond (note about a 2 hour difference between beach and pond tides). Near first light I was planning to fish the Napatree/Watch Hill area via kayak.

After reading the weather reports one last time before I left MA on Saturday I scrapped the Napatree plan.

I got to the beach at 6:30 Sat. night and as I feared there was lots of mung in the water. Not unfishable, but not fun. Wind was very manageable. Stuck with the spin reel as the fly line would have been a nightmare. Not much going on at Fresh Pond rocks so I walked down the beach about a half mile and found more of the same. Given all the mung, did not do a lot of blind casting.

Decided to head home until the tides started to change. After about two hours went to the pond (11:00 ish) to check it out before hitting the beach but nothing going on. Spoke with two fisherman who saw lots of bait but no fish. I fished from the rocks in the lot, casting across the current for about a half hour with no luck. Wasn't committed enough to put on the waders or launch the kayak. Decided to head the beach and fish the start of the incoming tide.

Fished the beach for about a half hour but decided to quit after cleaning about 10 pounds of mung off a cast. At this point the wind was very strong. Headed back to the pond and fished the same location for about a half hour with no luck. Was debating if I should wait for the tide change (about a half hour away) to launch the kayak or head home. Given family obligations, the wind and now rain I decided to call it a night and drove back to MA.

How do you know its going to be a bad night? Beach is covered by mung and you cross paths with two skunks in the parking lot. As soon as I saw the second skunk I should have realized I was being sent a signal by the fish gods.