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11-28-2002, 10:58 PM
i bought a bunch of zonker strips and cross cut bunny. any good fly recipes for me? i have always wanted to try tying with it. suggestions? tips?

David Churbuck
11-29-2002, 07:57 AM
We have a recipe for the Bonito Bunny in Page Roger's series on saltwater classics. You can find it here. (http://www.reel-time.com/pattern/Rogers/bunny/bunny.asp)

12-07-2002, 11:42 PM
i tie 2 variations of flies using bunny strips...i'm sure there are many more...

the first is very simple..
taking straight cut strips, tie in 3/4 back on shank to form a tail.
make this piece an inch or two depending on how large you want the fly to be, then take a cross cut strip and tie in right in front of the tail, and wind it around the hook, giving it a slight hackle like flaring appearance, tie it off before the hook eye. to add some action to it, i first slip on a medium tungsten cone and tie it so it snugs up against the hook eye.
i have mainly tied this in purple/black...

the second is slightly more involved but still very easy to tie..
you will need straight cut bunny strips, and ez body tubing..
cut a 2-2.5 inch long bunny strip. cut an 1-1.5 inch piece of ez body tubing. push the bunny strip thru the ez body, this prevents the tail from fouling, gives the fly some stiffness, and adds a little bit of flash. tie in the bunny-ez body piece on top of the hook, 3/4 way back...put some head cement on this to really set it in there nice nice and tight, wrap forward to the hook eye, tye in some deer hair on top and bottom, i like to tie top, both sides, then bottom, add some eyes and a nice epoxy head, and you got a pretty durable, nice swimming fly.
i like to tie these with white bunny strips and yellow/white deer hair.

hope this helps.