View Full Version : Great NE Surf Fishing Manual

Touching Cloth
02-05-2003, 06:20 PM
Last year, I bought "Striper Hotspots" by Frank Daignault and I found it to be a great starting point for those looking to learn more about fishing in this area. I've read a lot of posts from people looking to get started surf fishing around here, and this book lists 100 spots, rates their quality, the best months to fish, directions, parking, lure selection, and other pertinent information. It's certainly not the end-all authority on Surf fishing, but I found about 20 spots that I enjoyed fishing this past year that I might not have otherwise come across by simply asking around, or looking on a map. I grew up in Philadelphia and Vermont, so I don't have a life-long knowledge of the landscape. The sections are short, sweet, and to the point, and I found the book to be a lot more useful as a fishing guide than any of Daignault's other books which I found to contain more nostalgia and "good old days" stories than pertinent info on the striper/bluefish fishery as it currently exists.

I do a lot of local travel in sales, and bring the book around with me in the car to scope out the spots during my down times. I don't know the author, and gain nothing by endorsing the book but I just think that any fishernan who doesn't have years of stored mental info on surf fishing NE will find this book as useful as I did. I got it at Borders, and I think they carry it at most big tackle shops. Just trying to help.