View Full Version : 6/16 Vineyard Sound Report

06-16-2003, 12:59 PM
I knew when I got up today and looked out the window it was not like yesterday. The wind was cranking from the east at least 20 mph. However, since yesterdays fishing was so incredible I dragged the boat to the water against my (and my wife’s) better judgment. I launched and headed out to my Vineyard Sound hot spot hoping things would be half as good as yesterday. I pounded out along the islands unable to find a speed that was comfortable. The water spraying over the bow was cold and the urge to say “the hell with it” and go back to bed kept entering my mind. Every time the thought of big fish pushed me ahead. After what seemed like forever I got to my spot. The wind had things all messed up and the rips and waves were not to my liking. First cast, BANG fish on. Second cast, BANG another fish. Well maybe it would be a great day after all. Unfortunately not! Those were the last fish for over an hour. I hammered the shoreline without so much as a follow. Finally I picked up a couple more fish before that urge to go back to bed became overwhelming. The ride home made the ride out look like a limo trip. I got my A$$ beaten and battered for the whole trip. I tried everything from headway speed to 30mph, nothing could smooth out the snot that I was running in. The ride of the F250 has never felt so soft as it did on the trailer ride home. I still have a headache from the continuous pounding I took all morning. Overall today stunk. Final tally 6 fish, 2 around 30”-31” the rest sub legal. All on jigs. The only good news is the boat performed well after yesterday’s mishap. All systems were and still are operational. Can someone do something about this swirling wind? We can’t string more than 2 days together without the weather going 180 degrees. It’s a real pain to figure out a pattern when the pattern changes every 48 hours.