View Full Version : Barn Island/Sandy Pt. Fathers day

06-16-2003, 03:07 PM
Well, we hit the water later than we wanted because someone shut off the alarm clock. Was about 6:30-7 and there was already a line. USCG Auxilary was doing "complimentary" safety inspections while you waited in line. Wasn't long and we were in the water. Hit the rockpile straight out, nada, not even on the finder. Went out towards Stonington Pt and made a drift by the rockpile to the right, one blue on spinning rod/popper and a hit on olive/white deceiver. Moved back towards Sandy point Two other boats were fly fishingthat area and the fish finder said there were fish so we tried it, nada. Fog rolled in so we headed back inside, drifted Elihu Island 2 small schoolies,shore across from boat ramp, nothing, several other coves, nothing and it was time to head home cause we had family obligations. There was an 18' Maritime RI reg. launching behind us said "Finatic" on the side.....Reel Time's Finatic? If so, hope you did better than we did. At least the boat didin't smell like skunk :-% :-%