View Full Version : Second Beach in Middletown, RI

09-02-2003, 10:20 AM
At about 5:00 PM last I night I took a swing by Second Beach. I headed towards the corner of the bird sanctuary. From the road I could see one guy plugging in the surf. I got out an observed for maybe a minute. It looked dead. Out of nowhere an explosion of bait and what seemed like small Bluefish erupted just to the left of the guy. I put on my waders and hit the water. Nothing! However all the action had moved towards the middle of the beach in front of the pavilion. I got in my car, drove to the parking lot, grabbed the fly rod looking for pay dirt. After maybe 10 minutes with breaking fish all around me and not luck with the fly rod, I ran back to the car for my surf casting set up. I also noticed these did not seem like small fish. First cast with the spin gear landed a very fat Bluefish that the Boca Grip said was 8 pounds. From there on in it was almost non stop. These fish were rolling through vast schools of bait. The nice thing was it was just me and the other guy for about 2 plus hours. We both left at around 7:45 and there were still big splashes just out of casting range. With that said, I planned on hitting the beach this morning to see if my luck was still with me. Well it wasn't, I was there at 6:00 Am but the fish and bait weren't. Oh well, we'll check it out again this evening!