View Full Version : Labor Day w/e in Vt.

09-02-2003, 02:53 PM
Spent this w/e in Vt. visiting the folks and attending my 30th class reunion. Good time all the way around. I managed to get out all 3 days and spend some time on the water. Hangover not withstanding.
No major hatches on Otter Creek but lots a different flies. Tricos, caddis, a few larger flies as of yet unidentified. They were a dun colored fly and about a size 12. I couldn't grab any and I don't do a lot of freshwater to keep a good running knowledge.
I caught a few fish each day some rainbows and some brookies. All were holdover stocked fish. As the brookies were 10 - 14".
The water level was good and temps were in the high 60s easily wet waded. I fish mainly Wallingford with forays to outlying areas when I get ambitious. The stretch of water where I go is very productive and runs the gamut of slow moving deep meadow stream to a long stretch of pocket water and fast runs. Very little pressure.

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