View Full Version : 9/2 Newport Shore Only

09-02-2003, 08:56 PM
Had the day off so I headed to Newport for a change. Good thing I did. Mid morning a school was busting it up off brenton. Too far out for shore. Checked out Ledge road and didn't see anything. Didn't fish it. Checked out first beach and third nothing. Driving along second beach there was a school of blues working the shore. Took a few shots but didn't hook up. Parked at Sachuets point and started to walk out. A large school was busting it up way out in the middle. Walked to the point and finally found some fish close enough to reach. Blues, blues and more blues were moving around the point. Most were about 5 lb but some were about 8 to 10 lb. The fish were there for a pretty long time. There were schools popping up all over the place. Some were close to shore and many were out of reach. Walked around the back side and saw more schools but out of reach. Arrived at the car around 6:30 and saw more schools along second beach. There was also someone in the parking lot loading two nice bass 34" into the car. He got them on a swimming plug on the back side of Sachuets. He said there were others. I headed back to the water and managed a couple of more blues. Around sunset there was just a mass of bait along the shore with fish busting on it. I couldn't hook any though. They were into the bait. Most bait was 1" bunker. There was also some 3" silver sides. I was snagging it with my plug it was so thick. There were virtually no boats on the water but there were a decent amount of people combing the shore.