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11-08-2003, 04:29 PM
Itís been a long while since I battled it out with a head wind and numb fingers. Hard to strong winds, waves that constantly pound the living c*** out of you, numb fingers screaming out in pain, a drippy nose spurting out clear sticky fluid. Bliss. How I love fishing in winter!
Regardless of what the average fair water angler thinks, there are some good fish to be had in all this. Hard to believe I know, but itís true. Where was I?
My whisky glass has just been re-charged for the third time and the days fishing is all but a memory and I canít wait for the next episode. Maybe tomorrow will offer more Danish delights in the salt?

The rivers have finally closed all over Denmark to give pause to the spawning fish. Most rivers will re-open again for members only on January 15th, otherwise, itís a long wait until April.
Still, the salt remains inviting to those willing to brave the elements and some quality fishing can be had.

Most sea run brown trout being taken from the shores are a beautiful golden brown. Some photographs can be viewed on our new gallery at: www.presterno.com
Most of the larger species are already upstream but some venture into the salt now and then to feed. Of course there are some late runners. As luck would have it, some sea run brown trout remain in salt throughout the winter feeding. These few are silver and ready for a fight. These fish have decided to skip the spawning runs, Itís natures way of providing an emergency back up should a disaster happen to the spawning / younger population of trout.

Sea temperatures have fallen to around 8oC making fishing conditions perfect and hopefully will remain so for some time unless we get some extreme cold weather. It doesnít make fishing impossible if temperatures do drop towards the chilly 0oC! Things just kind of slow down and so should oneís fly / retrieve. Marine life will go into a period of suspended animation Ė just like the hangover feeling that I will have tomorrow!

Winter is a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the coming year. Where will you go for that holiday? As the fire crackles and warmth floods the home front, the whisky glass remains charged and the time comes to replenish that arsenal of flies and lures for 2004. The vice will get in itís fly tying miles, and you will fill every box and empty space with hopes of the ďbig oneĒ.
Santa canít promise the dream fish but youíll certainly hope so. Thatís what keeps anglers alive Ė HOPE!

Unfortunately, Presterno fishing closed itís doors this weekend and will re-open in march 2004. However, daily guiding will still be available throughout the winter months, so pull out those thermals. Thereís no excuse!
2004 will see Presterno Fishing venturing further afield offering holidayís in Norway at the famous Gaula River for some monster Salmon. Details will be listed soon.

A updated fishing report will be posted next week so stay tuned folks and tight lines

Ripley Davenport
Fly Fishing Guide
Presterno Fishing