View Full Version : 1st flyrod striper and 5/23 report...

05-24-2004, 07:14 AM
Fished the harbor yesterday around the locks with my Dad. Fishing was slow with 2-3 boats around nobody doing much. My dad was livelining a herring, I was throwing a 6" herring pattern on a depth charge line, tide was on the rise. Dad's live herring was getting a few chases but no hookups. We didn't mark many fish or bait on the finder.

We were casting to the rare swirls of stripers hitting a couple of injured herring along the wall. Surprisingly, I got a take on the herring pattern. I just got the fish on the reel when the hook pulled loose. It looked to be a keeper sized fish, I think I failed to strike set. I was happy to see that my herring pattern could ellicit a take.

Later, I managed 2 20" schoolies on a 1/0 clouser-- my first on a fly. Dad landed a 29" fish on the live herring. Things appeared very slow, talked to someone that said they managed four shorts on live herring, but of course the day before took 12 keeper-sized fish.