View Full Version : Barnstable 5/28-29

Bob Parsons
05-29-2004, 08:32 PM
Managed to get down to Barnstable on friday to catch a few hours of the incoming tide. Managed 1/2 dozen fish micros to just barely keeper size.
Saturday was cool and quite breezy. Most of the morning I had a water temp of 52. Managed a couple schoolies. Might have got a few more but the one productive spot I found had a boat motor right into the spot were I was getting hits. At which point the operator of the boat asked if he should go behind me (where he already was) or pass on the other side. All I could say was it didn't matter now.

Bob Parsons
05-30-2004, 07:01 PM
Today's assignment for my school was to take a few of the international students fishing. We hit Barnstable shortly after high tide. Wind produce a bit of chop but once you got over to the Sandy Neck side it was hardly noticeable and became even less so as the tide/day progressed. Students were using a variety of colored shad. Day ended with each of the students getting at least a couple fish each. Largest boat was maybe 22". Saw a larger fish taken on bait.
While motor is still not working properly, having a student work the fuel bulb allowed us to motor around easily.

05-31-2004, 08:24 AM
Hi Bob,
Glad you survived the winter, and enjoying the harbor. Just got back from taking some of my middle school students trout fishing. As you said above, introducing young men and ladies to this life time sport is rewarding.

Having boats motor through fishy spots is even tougher to bear when on the sand. The outflow of our familiar spot has changed quite a bit from last year. The ice did a number and moved several clumps causing a island type of structure.

Hope your well, and see you soon. Richard / aka SBASS

Bob Parsons
05-31-2004, 10:18 AM
Your winter was certainly colder than mine, I suspect those trout could still be wear ear muffs. I did take the kids to the outflow but nothing was happening. With the water still cold, the masses of sand eels have yet to move in.

06-01-2004, 08:48 AM
Drove out on sandy neck and walked the flats east to BH. Arrived as the tide started dropping, a few hours late for optimal flats fishing. Anyways, saw 3 fish in about 3 hours, no bait, no birds. Water was cool from last few days of NW winds. I hoped it would have brought bait inshore but that wasn't the case. Still had a good time exploring the area. :) And there was nobody around, that alone on a tourist filled weekend made my trip!!

06-01-2004, 08:48 AM
Anchored at one of my favorite Barnstable Harbor spots Friday night and caught the outgoing tide amidst the thick fog. Dead calm, but visibility was virtually nill. Caught a bunch of small stripers on herring patterns, all between 15-24"s. Thinking about packing it in when the drag began to scream on one of the rods I set up with a live eel. 20 minute fight (light spinner with 12lb test), 42" striper. About 25-27lbs, very healthy looking fish. First legit keeper of the season. Much fun --127-3-

06-01-2004, 09:58 AM
Caught a quite a few schoolies fishing the south shore of Barnstable Harbor and the middle of Bass River on Fri and Sat. For sh*** and giggles fished some flats yesterday because the conditions seemed ideal, aside from the water temp. Got out about halfway through the outgoing(which was a chilly wade) and didn't see much initially. There was zero bait that I could see. Eventually saw a nice fish(30") and caught her on an olive and white deciever. Saw another fish the same size and caught her too on the same fly. These were the only two fish I saw all day, and they were both alone. I never saw a bit of bait and these fish agressively took my fly when lead. They were fairly hard to spot, so I might have missed some fish. This was strange, as normally at this time of year I find them easiest to spot as the water is clearer and the fish are darker. The wind did shift directions as I was out there, which also made it harder to see and it was my first flats trip of the season, so my eyes might have been a bit blurry. Fish were in 2-3 ft of water. I would say these flats are a week or two from being red hot, but there are certainly a few sizeable, aggresive fish out there.