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06-18-2004, 05:44 PM
Today I had Bruce and his dad on the boat for an all day charter. Not just any charter, they wanted big fish. They were used to fishing CC Bay flats and wanted a shot at some fish with some shoulders. My game plan was to hit the Sound side with eels and see if I could round up some fish for them.

The day started at the ramp in Falmouth at 0600 where the fog looked like it was going to make the running tough. With the radar on we ran down the sound hitting one spot after another tossing eels in the rocks as we went. We passed over several schools of fish at various locations because they just were not going to be the big fish we wanted.

We hit several rips and likely areas but it just was not happening. I got a message on my cell of some solid action in another location. We took the info and ran hard to the area that was supposed to be holding heavy, but when we got there the area was lifeless. So now we decided it was time to get in real tight to the rocks and grind out some fish. We found a sweet piece of shore and some rocky ledge and began chucking eels. Finally it happened. We found a few boils and it started to get hot. The eel rods were bent over and the fish were eating well. Bruce and his Dad needed a little guidance with the eel’s setups since they had never fished eels before, but with a few pointers they were hooked up tight. Any bit of info I gave them got put to use and they got better and better with each fish. Soon it became a competition father against son to bag the biggest and most fish.

When it was all over, Dad had the biggest fish at 25.5#; Bruce was a close second at 22.5#. I think for overall numbers it was a close call, although Bruce may have edged out his dad. The guys were really psyched with the day we had. They got their biggest bass ever and had quite a father’s day.

Final tally, several dozen bass from 10#-25.5#. Most of the fish were in the teens. The water was 12-16’ deep and 61.5 degrees. The lure of choice live eels, 7/0 Gamma’s and 50# flouro. The wind came up midday but was not a factor. IT was overcast and rainy most of the day.

Overall a great day OTW with to great guys and a bunch of nice fish.

06-18-2004, 06:57 PM
Way to go Terry....nice trip nice fish!