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07-01-2004, 05:13 AM
6/30 S.E. Cape Cod Fly/Spin Wade Report:

I was able to keep my guest's on fish all day with a few lil lull's. We waded, worked and looked for them in the shallows in a couple locations and found some big ones in both. As usual, the wind grew stronger as the day progressed, so I'd guess we did not see all of the fish that we might have otherwise. Obviously, the wind also made it a little more challenging to get on'm fast and accurately. Still enough eating and around to keep you looking and interested all day. Sand Lance pattern's worked amazing well!

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Matt was all smiles with this sighted shallow running Bass while wading.

(See picture)
Rudy and Matt with a couple more from today's sight fishing adventures in 1-3 feet of crystal clear water. Congrats!!

Today's Mail Bag:
Randy, how do you know if bass are resident or migratory fish. Numbers or color? Thanks, Bob

Hi Bob,
It's easier to tell the resident's and or migratories earlier in the Spring. Basic - Big pod of 50-100-500 fish would be a pod moving through - migrating. Seeing 1 big fish here and another there during this same time, traveling in the opposite direction that all the migratories are flowing. Traveling very-very shallow, looking for food and not concentrating on getting from from point A to B the fastest, slower moving, would be a resident and not a migratory fish. Few other things I look for.
Hope this helps,

07-03-2004, 09:07 AM
7/2- "Secluded" Cape Cod Fly Wade Report:
Took an hours drive to fish some different secluded water on my day off. (No one around) Picked up some Bass here and there while blind casting from shore using a Sand Lance pattern. Did a combination of surf (around the high), flats and a tidal river on the drop. Saw several and picked up a shallow running 30 inch'r in 2 feet of water, feeding in the outflow. Happy Holidays, Randy

7/1- Mid-Cape Fly/Spin Wade Report:
Today was mostly (hazy) sunny and the wind grew stronger as the day progressed. Saw "some" fish everywhere we went, but less than yesterday. Spoke with several other experienced angler's who were out yesterday in the same general area that concurred. Still some freshies around with more to come due to two factor's.

1. Last of our migratory fish to arrive. Delaware, Chesapeake Bay area. We know some of these are still arriving fresh as most of our landed fish have been covered in sea lice. This is a tell-tale sign on the education level = freshness of fish. The more lice, the fresher, easier to catch.
2. The faster tides we are experiencing now. Faster tides normally bring in fresh fish from the deep to the shallows, who do not have a PHD in what is real or not. Unlike 80% of the rest of the regular shallow running resident Bass.
Good Luck,

Ever thought about trying this lil trick in the shallows or deeper water?
Today we tried a different way of presenting the fly. Sometimes in area's were the water is shallow and not moving the fish tend to spook when the weighted fly and line splash on the surface. This sometimes sends any fish in the area swimming for cover. In some places we would cast into the shallows and count to 30. Allowing the line and fly to completely sink to the bottom and rest, while hoping the fish would forget about it. After the count to 30 we would YANK the sand lance off the bottom and speed strip it through the sand. There by creating the illusion of a sand lance exploding out of the sand where it had been hiding and scurrying for additional cover. This imitates the natural exactly and looks like an easy meal for any fish near by. That's how Mike got the biggest fish of the day!