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07-12-2004, 08:20 AM
Satisfied the urge for large bass yesterday while fishing with Eric (E-Sea-E), and left beverly marina at around 1200 and headed up the coast towards rockport. Baitwell pump crapped out on us in the harbor so we had to use a 5 gallon bucket to make due, and that made the bait much harder to keep alive. Off of a reliable report of large bass holding over a rockpile in very very deep water, we headed out to 140 feet with a livewell full of pollack. No more than five minutes after the first bait went in the water, did Eric come tight on a nice, thick 30 incher that gave a good account of itself. As Eric is landing his fish, I come tight on another bass...this one takes a real good first run and then tries to slug it out deep, another fat fish, this one 37" and easily 23 LBS. Slow-troll around a little bit as it seemed to slow down after we got the 37", and soon come tight on a 10 lb bluefish...and another...and another...and another. The blues cleaned out our baits by 1700, so we decided to run back to rockport to load up on baits. We are drilling the pollack, when suddenly we get a full sabiki worth of mackerel --127-3- . Then decided to run back out to the rockpile. Set up again, and it is much slower this time, a pick-up about every 7-10 minutes. One rod goes down...but no drag is being taken... F*****!!!! DOGFISH!!!!! ate all our good mackerel!!!. But have no fear, we still had pollack. I send out a pollack, and as he is swimming away from the boat no more than 30 seconds after being put out he is slammed by a 33 incher. Next pollack goes out and a 30 incher chows it. Now, this is when it gets interesting...as the light gets low, we begin to run out of baits, and it has been a while sense our last pick-up. Eric's rod goes down with what feels like a doggie...then line starts burning off his baitcaster, and a stout rod is doubled over. The fish does the huge bass deliberate run for about 10 minutes when the combination of line drag and too much drag on the reel parts the 25 pound flourocarbon leader...we both slouch over knowing that the fish that just got away might have been the fish of a lifetime. While we were jigging baits Eric caught the smallest pollack we both had ever seen (about 3 inches). I say throw it back, Eric puts it in the baitwell just for the hell of it and we name it Tiny Tim. Well, at the end of the day we decide to deploy Tiny Tim. We are literally at the rods to crank up for the night when Eric comes tight on another really nice fish that decided to chow on poor Tim. This one makes a similar run to the last fish, only not as strong or deep as the last fish, and then sounds and tries to slug it out deep. After 15 minutes, Eric pulls aboard a huge bass, not necessarily in length but huge in girth. We measured the fish out at 44" and it weighed out at 37.5 LBS --125-3 --125-3 . Thats the biggest fish in my boat this season, and the second heaviest I have been around when caught. All in all an outstanding night of fishing, and certianly is a change of pace to throwing a 2/0 flounder fly to 18" bass in 2 feet of water. Its great fun to sometimes go out and do the livebait thing, and I strongly reccomend it to anyone looking to shrug off the summer blues. Tight Lines fellas, SK

07-12-2004, 03:45 PM
nice report..!
geez, i felt as though i was reading one of Riptides reports (his are awsome so it is a big compliment).keep 'em coming......

07-12-2004, 05:34 PM
Great report! …for a second there I thought you were gonna say Eric hooked an early SBFT :eek:

Soundking: the North Shore Riptide… BIG compliment, and right on.

07-13-2004, 08:29 AM
Thanks for the kind words fellas...I can only hope to catch big fish as consistently as Terry does though :) Although these live pollack are becoming the north shore version of the infamous eel!