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07-20-2004, 12:14 AM
Hello Everyone!

Sam’s most recent regular visit to Childrens Hospital in Boston made me realize
it’s been 3 months(!) since I've sent an update about my training progress!
Well, I'm sorry about that, it’s certainly not that I haven’t meant to, but as
they say, “Life got in the way.” Good life things I’m glad to say – summer Cape
vacation, new job for me and Renee’s off for the summer and getting her arms
ready for massages! Oh, Sam’s recent checkup showed he’s healing well and we
haven’t seen any reformation of, well, whatever was there before the last
visit. Of course, we’re all very excited about his progress and that he’s
enjoying a fantastic summer with his sister! We’re also very glad to have made
new friends via the formation of Team LEGS – please check out our team page
http://pmc.org/mypmc/profiles.asp?Section=story&eGiftID=TL0045 and especially
note that we’ve already raised OVER $24,000, and expect to exceed our goal!
Speaking of goals, you may remember my 2003 ride when I started with a goal of
$2500 – the minimum necessary to participate – and quickly found I needed to
realign my expectations and wound up with $6050! Well, I’m glad to say that
this year…I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! That’s right, I’ve exceeded my original goal
and have raised it to FIVE FIGURES, check it out:
http://pmc.org/mypmc/profiles.asp?Section=story&eGiftID=MM0249 . Yep, I’m going
for $10,000.00 this year and I have confidence I WILL be able to do it through
the generosity of people like you!


I'm proud to introduce to you our new Team LEGS logo:


Watch for us in Bourne in our yellow shirts, a tribute to Lance's "Wear Yellow"
campaign - http://www.wearyellow.com

The Training

It’s a fact that about two thirds of the human body is made of water…

…sometimes it feels like it might be lead!

Man, I'm telling you, some days I just don't want to SEE a bike. But then
there's the others...the days when everyone seems to be out there - as if there
was some call to arms for all cyclists to get out and about. Fortunately, most
days are like that, but cycling is hard on the body. I wake up sore, no doubt -
getting out of bed is tough.

It's been a tough year so far - medically...

After I finished the 2003 PMC, I had been having problems with numbness in my
right hand. I ignored it for a while, but I started to drop things and lose
feeling even when I wasn’t riding. A trip to the doctor and subsequent MRI
showed that I have a bone spur in my neck that the riding exacerbates. Here,
look for yourself:


Actually, it's not as bad as it looks, but it is annoying. Suffice it to say, I
am NOT having surgery on my neck - one on the back was enough for me thank you!
So I tolerate it - massage, ice, Advil, Aleve, massage, ice, WINE, massage, cha
cha. What's a little numbness for doing my bit to help fund cancer research,
right?! So I figured I'll just ignore this best I can and ride.

Then, in February I had built my bike up from scratch. Remember this (that's me
hacksawing my brand new carbon fork - yes, you're supposed to - with supervision
of head mechanic at Landry's in Westboro, Chris Ploof):


Well, the next morning, after standing for 2 days, for some reason my left ankle
was swollen and incredibly painful to move in any direction. Trip to the doctor
and subsequent X-Ray revealed a bone fragment in the join and tendonitis in all
tendons around the ankle. Ok, so they referred me to PT and I have been going
ever since. Apparently, this is the result of turning my ankle over 10 years
ago and chronic scar tissue built up and now the joint. PT has helped greatly!
But it's been a slow steady progress sort of thing - the riding has indeed
suffered. Not to mention the weather, though to be honest, after riding the
first hour of the PMC in a thunderstorm last year, these are just sprinkles.

Ok, no more whining - last year I promised to be a "model of encouragement" and
will strive to do just that again this year, no matter what! This year I'm not
riding just for Sam - we are all riding for Jake and he's such a great kid who
has been through so much that what I go through is nothing but a scratch in

Anyway, how bad off can a guy be if he RODE UP WACHUSETT MOUNTAIN this past
Sunday... RIGHT?



I have to say, I felt pretty darn good when I got up there - especially compared
to how I felt when I did it last year.

The PMC is 3 weeks away and I say, BRING IT ON!

Closer By The Mile!